Monday, February 2, 2009

Sleepy Bean! Cranky Bean!

SOOOoooo... We were having some issues in January with the Bean not sleeping well. He was waking up about every 2 - 3 hours which was enough to make his poor momma crazy. Fortunately this was happening while Nana was here visiting so I had the divine pleasure of being able to sneak in a few naps in the early afternoon to make up for the late night crying fits. This seemed to have been a teething issue and quickly resolved itself after The First Tooth appeared. Bean was once again sleeping about for about 6 hours at a time.

But there was still an issue with his sleep. Now D and I understand that the Bean has sleep apnea so we realise that he has more restless sleeps, but he still doesn't sleep as long as he should. Quite often he will wake up a 4:30 am for no real reason other than he is cold and uncomfortable. David will then bring him to bed with us and spoon with him till he falls back to sleep again, which usually doesn't take long. We tried to resolve this issue with a sleep sack but it wasn't much help. Either D would forget to put it on or we wouldn't be able to find it, or it was in the wash... we are lazy parents!

But through trial and error we came to realise that THIS KID CAN ACTUALLY SLEEP LIKE THE DEAD! But only when he is in mommy and daddy's bed. If I put him down for a nap in his crib, I'm lucky if he will sleep for 45 mins. If I put him down for a nap in our bed under the duvet with a lil pillow, he'll sleep for 3 hours! The other day we woke up at 7:30am and he was still zonked out between us and we had to wake him up to put him in the car seat.

Soooo... we got to thinking.. "Maybe his bed is cold and uncomfortable." We usually pile him up with lots of cozy blankets but he kicks them off and is always uncovered when D goes to get him at 4 - 5 am.

So the solution!!!


We got a crib duvet and pillow set from Ikea on Saturday after work. He also got a brand new fancy sheet set for it too! We also bought a second duvet for UNDER his fitted sheet. This has made the mattress Uber comfy and a lot softer, and most likely makes his bed much warmer.

And low and behold last night the Sleepy Bean slept till 8:30 AM in his new, cozy, snuggly warm bed. It looks so gosh darned comfy that I want to climb in there with him. LOVE NEW SHEETS!

While we were at Ikea I picked out a new book shelf for the Beans room because I have been collecting books for him long before he was born and I haven't had anywhere to put them.

Hey Tricia, I'm going to organize his books by color! I'm stealing this idea from Tricia of Unringing the Bell Fame. This post is one of my faves! I think the ABSOLUTE best part of this post is the last picture of Georgia in her baby legs with her pig tail just spilling off the top of her head. I know I have said it before in an earlier post, but I am just addicted to Tricia's blog. She is an amazing writer and is just so creative, colorful and always a joy to read. If you have time or even if you don't, you should stop in and have a read.

We have been worried about the Beany a bit today. He just hasn't been himself. He slept till 11 am in our bed after waking up in his crib at 8:30. He had his breakfast and I gave him a bath. I put him in his swing with his morning bottle of formula and at 12:41 I turned around to check on him and he was out cold. He slept in his swing till about 3:30. D fed him at around 4 or so and let him play on the floor for a bit but he said that Bean was being a crank. I guess Motrin didn't help and when D tried to put his fingers in Beans mouth to see if he was teething he burst into a tiny fit of pain. So he gave him some Nummy Gummy (which is an Erinism that I love) aka Orajel. Apparently that tamed the beast for a lil bit but I suspect he is either coming down with a cold or he is breaking in a new tooth. I guess we will know for sure tomorrow. D is taking Mr. Sam to the Pediatrician for a referral and they said they will take a look at Beany too. If he doesn't have a fever or any other flu or cold symptoms by tomorrow it will most likely be a tooth.

Another tooth will be exciting. Today he yawned in the bath tub and I could see his tiny lil white tooth, glaring at me.. saying "Ima Bite you when You LEAST expect it momma!"

Let's hope he's feeling better soon. He was just so blah and lethargic and unBeanlike. Made me worried!

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Ssejors said...

Just an Update to this Post!

D has had nothing but a screaming crying Bean on his hands all night!

He seems to be in quite a bit of pain and the Nummy Gummy only works for a short period of time before he's back to the screaming! I feel awful for D but I'm stuck at work and can't help. Although I have had the pleasure of being on the phone to hear Beany scream so I'm sharing in D's misery. Wish you luck my dear!