Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wow! I've gotten a little behind! You will see the pun shortly!

Here is the Bean Watching Pocoyo!
He stops everything when Pocoyo comes on.
Otherwise, This is what he does when Pocoyo is NOT on!
He trashes the living room!

And I was too lazy to bath him up stairs in the tub one day!
That back fired as his newest favorite thing is Splashing.
I literally had to MOP up after wards. But my floor was cleaner!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red Letter Year

Ani Difranco has a new album out called Red Letter Year. Ani is the angry feminist, creative free spirit, vibrant, powerful, independent hippy woman I wish I could be. She is so unbelievably honest in her lyrics and always writes and sings about real life. She is the embodiment of ALL womanhood and speaks for all women. When I feel lost, or lonely Ani is there to hold me and pick me back up, to remind me that I am not alone, that I am not the only woman to have felt this way. When I am excited and happy and joyous, Ani is there to share in my joy and celebrate with me. There are days where I don't understand or even have a clue as to how I am feeling but Ani has been there and she has a way with words. It's another one of those wordless days where I am having trouble expressing myself. These are the days when I need her most. When I need to hear HER words otherwise I am at a complete loss.


lately i've been glaring into mirrors
picking myself apart
you'd think at my age i'd of thought
of something better to do
than making insecurity into a full-time job
making insecurity into art
and i fear my life will be over
and i will have never lived unfettered
always glaring into mirrors
mad i don't look better

but now here is this tiny baby
and they say she looks just like me
and she is smiling at me
with that present infant glee
and yes i will defend
to the ends of the earth
her perfect right to be

so i'm beginning to see some problems
with the ongoing work of my mind
and i've got myself a new mantra
it says: "don't forget to have a good time"
don't let the sellers of stuff power enough
to rob you of your grace
love is all over the place

there's nothing wrong with your face
love is all over the place
there's nothing wrong with your face

lately i've been glaring into mirrors
picking myself apart

Knitting FTW

I don't know why I never picked it up years ago. I have always been a really crafty person. I have probably made over 1000 hemp necklaces in my life. I love beads and hemp, charms and yarns but knitting has always kind of seemed like an old lady craft. I had no idea the fun I could have. It's a wicked creative outlet. Now that I know a little bit about knitting I actually NOTICE yarns when I go shopping. I see cool socks and gloves and hope I will be able to make such cool patterns eventually! Oh exciting! I'll have to take a pic of my newest project and keep you posted. Additionally I will have to learn to knit more than just scarves. I would be the world's most boring knitter if I can't knit "in the round". LOL If anyone is a knitter and can share any tips, tricks or patterns let me know!!! I hope to master the art!

Here is a cool Knitting blog for those of you who are interested! My momma suggested it!
I also tend to stop in to when I'm stuck on something and need a few pointers or help.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Generation

This makes me want to scream!

I stopped in to read Adrienne's Blog, Our Unexpected Journey. Adrienne is a strong, beautiful lady who is expecting Bennett in roughly 93 days (Roughly! Lol). He has DS and she was pre-natally diagnosed. (Obviously, if she hasn't delivered him yet it's certainly not POST natal) Anyway, she linked to an article that she found on another blog and I'm gonna rant for a minute.
Adrienne is a far stronger and wiser woman that I am. She doesn't judge people for the choices that they make in life. I frankly think that anyone who decides to terminate a pregnancy because of a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome is a coward, a fool, and has their heads up their asses. Now, I'm sorry if that offends you, but honestly! Are you choosing to terminate that baby because it's not perfect!? Because he or she might not finish High school? Because your perfect baby that you have been dreaming of might not ever get married, or be able to have babies? Maybe you are embarrassed of how your child might look or you don't know if you can handle all the physical health issues that are associated with Down syndrome.

I shake my head in disgust.

I never graduated high school. My marriage failed! I was a typical baby.
Any child you have can be born with health issues, a cleft pallet, diabetes, heart disease, infertility, or copious other health concerns. Maybe there is nothing wrong with your perfect little child until he turns 3 and you realise he has autism. Or Your son becomes a drug addict, a child molester, a rapist, a wife beater or a million other awful things. AHHHHHHhhh There is no way to predict what your child will be like. There would be no one having children if we only gave birth to the "perfect" babies. EUGENICS! HOLOCAUST! To terminate based on a prenatal diagnoses of DS is the stupidest thing I can think of. In fact, you have a better idea of what your child's future WILL hold, knowing that he/she has DS. Some of you may think I'm bitter so I'm ranting. On the contrary. I couldn't be happier. I love my son. Every single PERFECT little inch of him. What makes me angry is that there are people who don't want to give these children a chance. To think if I had decided to get the Amnio and terminate. What a shame! That beautiful, sweet, amazing, innocent, brilliant child would never have had the opportunity to see this world. To see the sun! To smile or laugh with his Daddy! Ugh! I'm bawling again. Such a shame that there are people who see children with disabilities as burdens on our society, on our healthcare system. I'm ashamed. The best part of having a child with DS is how that child changes you. I have seen so many families online who had a biological child with DS and have decided to adopt another child with DS. That just shows you how wonderful these children are. They change people lives!

I love you Hunter James Ross! I wouldn't change you for the world! You are Perfect!


I don't know whats wrong with me lately but I'm a miserable crybaby mess tonight.

I started a book a few weeks ago.. 3 maybe. I finished it tonight. It was awesome. The book it self wasn't superbly written or anything and I did notice the author had a tendency to repeat herself but it was a beautiful story. It is called Magic Hour and it is written by Kristin Hannah. I was nearly at the end of the book on the bus trip to work today so I ambitiously decided to read that last 2 chapters before I did anything else tonight. I cried. And I cried. And I put the book down and composed my self, took a breather and picked up the book again. And again, I cried. I NEVER cry at books, or movies or sad shows! Maybe this is because I normally watch horror movies and read Stephen King but, UHG! I was BAWLING! I went through 3 napkins (I need to get a box of tissues at my desk apparently). I couldn't believe it. I don't know if this is because having children changes things or what but I was a blubbering idiot. Even lately I have been finding things in the news that I normally wouldn't get too bent out of shape about are really hitting home. For example, before I had the Bean, a story about a young kid killed in a car accident would certainly make me sad and think "Aww that's awful." but now it brings me to tears. I guess before you are a mother, you really don't understand that bond parents have to their children. So, while a child in pain or dying was certainly awful, it never really struck me as a reality. Now it shakes me. So if you like beautiful, moving stories about parents, children, love and all that mushy stuff, check out Magic Hour. If you live close enough I can lend you my copy.

Also, I started a scarf for David and I think I took the bloody thing apart and restarted it about 14 times, no kidding. I was just never happy with the way it was turning out. So Again I ripped the whole thing off my needles and started a scarf for Asha, my GF''s baby girl! It's a pretty cream color with a shimmery pink accent. I really like it so far, hopefully I can actually complete it. I really like knitting but so far all I can do it Knit and Purl, cast on and cast off and make tassels. LOL And for all the time I have spent knitting I have only completed one project :P

Additionally, I think I'm over tired and over stressed in general and I don't have enough creative outlets for easing those stressors. So I find my self overly pissy with D and the things that are or aren't being done around the house. I'm also completely under stimulated physically and am in dire need of affection, ie, a back rub, a good long snuggle, and various other sweet sensual physical touches that make a
Publish Post
woman feel warm and loved.

Lastly, I think I'm having sugar withdrawls as I have finally started a healthy eating plan and have lost 3 lbs in the last 3 days. I'm drinking tons of water and I have cut all crap food out of my diet, which is hard to do at the office because there are snacks EVERYWHERE! I have been eating lots of small meals. Snacking on veggies and fruit and healthy low fat proteins like shrimp, turkey and cottage cheese. So there is a serious lack of sugar in my system. And, like Sass said, if I can't have sugar I better be getting sex.

Oh Woe as me!

It's 11:21 almost time for bed! Only 1 hour till I'm home.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chewing the Fat

I have again found another fantabulous blog! It's Chewing the Fat!

Dave Hingsburger is a fellow Canadian, a writer, a speaker, an advocate for people with disabilities, and a witty well written blogger!

Ironically, whilst getting swept up in Chewing the Fat I stumbled on his nieces blog as well. SHES A WICKED KNITTER! Half Soled Boots is where you can find her. So now I have a knitting blog to follow.

My mom also suggested I check out Knitting harlot and her blog. I'll see if I can find her blog. For now... I'm gonna read and knit! Beat it.. I have thinks to make!

Speaking of Adoption

I am Linking to Bethany's Blog today to help her help some friends.

Bethany is one of the most amazing women. She is a full time mommy to three lil ones, a full time blogger and a full time friend. She adopted one of her daughters, Addison aka Nika, from Russia. Nika has Down Syndrome and Bethany has become quite the advocate and friend to families who are also in the process of adopting from overseas. But if you have ever looked into Overseas adoptions you may know that financially, it's a huge expense.
These wonderful children are well worth every penny that it costs to have them adopted into a loving and happy home, but 30,000$ can be difficult to come up with.

In less than one week, two more kids in Eastern Europe will be one step closer to being rescued by their forever families. Bethany has posted links to help these families financially as there are still some expenses. If your family can spare a little to help these children find their way home what a huge impact it will make.

This is Timur and you can see his family blog Here

And this is little Reece and you can see her family Blog Here.

Not everyone can afford to adopt, Let ALONE, adopt from overseas. I certainly would not be in any position financially to adopt at this time but I can certainly make a small donation and I know how much it will help. These families are so full of love and can't wait to bring these children into their lives at any cost, even in such times of economic crisis.

You can also Donate directly through these links at Reece's Rainbow which I have mentioned before.

Here is the Link to Donate to Timur's Home coming.
Here is the link to Donate to Reece's Home coming.

YAY! I'm just so happy to know that two more babies will have real homes, families and futures! I can't take on such a mission but I can certainly help them with theirs!

Please help!
<3 Ssejors

Blogger Awards!

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.

And in the spirit of passing along the love, here's how it works:

Step 1: respond and rework -- answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.

Step 2: tag - eight other bloggers to do the same.

1) What are you wearing right now?
Black Cords, My "Holland, Never under estimate its beauty" Shirt and A gray cardigan.

2) What is your biggest fear?
Losing someone in my family and being alone.

3) Do you nap a lot?
ha ha no not really

4) Who is the last person you hugged?

5) What websites do you visit when you go online?
Blogger, Facebook, Youtube, Wowhead, Wowarmory, Wowwiki, A&E TV to watch intervention.

6) What was the last item you bought?
A bunch of yarn and a new knitting bag from Michael's crafts.

7) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Baja with my family. Or Bali with Chelly. Or Australia with Evad.

8) If you could go to the Oscars, who would you want to sit next to?
Evad and Will Smith. Evad loves Will Smith. Otherwise I don't pay much attention to celebrities.

9) Where is the last place you went on vacation to?
Last Summer Evad and I took the kids on a road trip to Vancouver to See Nana and Granddad and we saw the aquarium, Stanley park, Science world and all sorts of cool sights.

10) What is your most embarrassing moment?
I think one of the most embarrassing things to happen to me is my Ex husband who was always embarrassing and rude and drunk and I hated going anywhere with him because I knew I would be ashamed.

11) What was the last movie you watched?
Shrek 2

12) What is the luckiest thing that ever happened to you?
I can't think of anything. I met D and that makes me feel very lucky. I wouldn't have the life i have now if it were not for D.

13) If you had a whole day to yourself with no work, commitments or interruptions what would you do?
I think I would play wow. Or I would actually get bored of nothing and clean the house, do laundry all that. Or I would call Sass and tell her to come out and play!

14) Is there a major goal you have that you haven't yet achieved?
Uh Well I bought a house. I had a baby. I got married (epic fail). I think I want to achieve great harmony and balance in my relationship with D but it's hard for me right now as I'm very negative about myself lately.

15) Drinks are on the house!! What do you order?
White Russians!!!

16) Name one thing you would change about your life.
I would make my self slim and fit and healthy again. Right now, being over weight makes me feel awful and I'm not a very good girl friend because I feel gross and unattractive. Being fit would give me more time for my family.

Now to Tag people!

Momma! Aka Nana! Pam's Pages
Sammy! Blatherings of an Alter Ego
Lil Miss E's Momma! @ Little Miss E!
Tricia @ Unringing the Bell
Mary @ Hurricane Riley and his Big Brother Rex!
Dave @ Chewing the Fat
Tara Marie @ EmmaSage
Kacey @ Ella Grace with the Pretty Face!

For all of you, for the exception of Dave who posts nearly as often as I do, I'm tagging you because I love your Blogs and I'm hopping this will encourage you to post more! I need something to read when I'm at work!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A few New Old Pics to share

This one was taken on Nana's couch in Aug 2008
Lil Porkchop!

This one with dad was taken at the
Annual Street Meet Walk in June 2008

Here's the lil guy sleeping on my chest in Nov at the
Wonder Years Conference in Calgary.

And this was in May of 2008 when I took Teeny Peeny Beany to our first
Coffee Morning at Ups and Downs

Saturday, February 21, 2009

21 Things About Down Syndrome

I love my 21 Things posts so today I am Posting a 21 things about Down Syndrome post for those of you who just aren't sure. Feel free to ask me any questions. I will be happy to answer them.

1) Down Syndrome is referred to
Trisomy 21 because it is a chromosomal disorder or anomaly caused by the presence of a third(tri) chromosome(somy) on the 21st pair of chromosomes. Rather than having 46 Chromosome, or 13 pairs, there is one extra 21st chromosome. 47 Chromosomes!

2) The incidence of Down syndrome is estimated at 1 per 800 to 1,000 births.

3) Down syndrome occurs in all Races, Classes, Sexes, and economic levels. Therefore, down syndrome can occur all over the world.

4) The additional copy of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome can originate from either the father or the mother although, approximately five percent of the cases have been traced to the father.

5) There is absolutely nothing you can do to Cause or Prevent Down Syndrome from occurring.
Down syndrome is not caused by maternal abuse (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc)

6) Most children with Down syndrome are born to women younger than 35-years-old simply because younger women have more children. However, the incidence of births of children with Down syndrome slightly increases with the age of the mother.

Most people with Down syndrome have IQs that fall in the mild to moderate range of intellectual disability and are NOT usually severely disabled.

8) Babies with Down Syndrome often have Hypotonia or Low Muscle Tone. This means they are often "floppy" so it can take them a little longer to learn to do things like walk, crawl, sit up or other Gross Motor Skills.

At birth, kids with DS are usually of average size, but they tend to grow at a slower rate and remain smaller than their peers. (That's why the Bean is a shorty)

10) Almost half of all children born with DS will have a congenital heart defect that will require surgery.

1) English physician John Langdon Down first characterized Down syndrome as a distinct form of mental disability in 1862, and in a more widely published report in 1866. Due to his perception that children with Down syndrome shared physical facial similarities (epicanthal folds) with those of Blumenbach's Mongolian race, Down used the term mongoloid.

Health concerns for individuals with Down syndrome include a higher risk for congenital heart defects, gastroesophageal reflux disease, recurrent ear infections, obstructive sleep apnea, and thyroid dysfunctions.

13) There are 3 types of Down Syndrome. Trisomy 21, Mosaicism, and Robertson Translocation.

14) Studies have shown that over 90% of pregnancies positively diagnosed with Down Syndrome prenatally will be terminated.

15) Health factors can contribute to a shorter life expectancy for people with Down syndrome. The average life span for someone with Down Syndrome is around 60. This is dramatically improved since 1980 when the average life expectancy of a person with DS was only 25.

16) Fertility amongst both males and females is reduced; males are usually unable to father children, while females demonstrate significantly lower rates of conception relative to unaffected individuals. Approximately half of the offspring of someone with Down syndrome also have the syndrome themselves. There have been only three recorded instances of males with Down syndrome fathering children.

17) Children with Down syndrome always resemble their parents. They are not freaks or misshapen or deformed. My son looks exactly like his Daddy and it's quite striking.

18) Until the middle of the 20th century, the cause of Down syndrome remained unknown. With the discovery of karyotype techniques in the 1950s, it became possible to identify abnormalities of chromosomal number or shape. In 1959, Jérôme Lejeune discovered that Down syndrome resulted from an extra chromosome.

19) Compared to the general population, individuals with Down syndrome have a 12-fold higher mortality rate from infectious diseases, if these infections are left untreated and unmonitored. These infections are due to abnormalities in their immune systems, usually the t-cell and antibody-mediated immunity functions that fight off infections. Children with Down syndrome are also more likely to develop chronic respiratory infections, middle ear infections, and recurrent tonsillitis. In addition, there is a 62-fold higher incidence of pneumonia in children with Down syndrome than in the general population.

20) Children overseas in Hague countries who are orphaned have till the age of 4 to be adopted before they are institutionalized. This is because this children are looked at as unwanted and as a burden. There is a strong push in North America right now to adopt children with DS internationally.

21) I would never change my son for anything. He is absolutely perfect and he has Down Syndrome for a reason. He is here to teach our family and the people around us about life, Down Syndrome, children, love, and compassion.

Here are some links to Great web sites that will give you more information about Down Syndrome and Overseas Adoption.


~ Reece's Rainbow -
International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry
~ Member's Project - A link to support Reece's Rainbow Member's Project through American Express for financial aid.
The project was #24 in number of votes when the American Express Members Project Top 25 were chosen, out of 2,086.

~ Rainbow Kids - International and Special needs Adoptions, linking families, agencies and children.

~ Adoption Council of Canada -
The Adoption Council of Canada (ACC) is the umbrella organization for adoption in Canada.


Down Syndrome -Wikipedia

Canadian Down Syndrome Society - Some of the folks I know through CDSS

National Down syndrome Society - In the US

Ups and Downs - Fabulous Calgary Organization

Friday, February 20, 2009

Knitting and I are getting along now!

So I think I have finally caught the knitting bug. I have officially figured it out, or at least the basics, and I have finished my first project. Add ImageDoes it shock you to know I made a scarf for the Bean? Didn't think it would.

Now I'm working on something a little more complicated for D. It's still a scarf but I'm attempting the knit purl combination and some more creative color changes. Wish me Luck.

No Beany! Glasses Stay ON!

I think I say this about 100 times a day!

Well I haven't updated yet about Hunter Beans Eye doctor appointment because I wanted to wait till I had pictures to add to the post. Here Is Mr. Bean in his new glasses.

Apparently he is far sighted for his age so he is over focusing which is causing him to cross his eyes, so for the next few months the Ophthalmologist has asked that we get him to wear these to keep him from crossing his eyes, just until he grows into his vision a little. I guess as he grows and his eyes grow his vision will improve so this is just for the short term to keep the crossing from getting serious. I think he looks FANFRIGGINGTASTIC!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sun, Surf , Sand and Salsa

I am pretty sure I have Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I am a miserable cur most of the winter, I absolutely abhor the cold weather and refuse to go outside and I'm predominantly depressed most of the winter. I always have a deep longing for anywhere south, where the sun is always shining and it's never less than 20C.

So I want to move somewhere hot and sunny! It's something I h
ave wanted for I can't even remember how long. I recall once when I was probably about 20 or so, my brother Eric and I wanted to take the Scubaroo (It was a Subaru with a Scooby Sticker in the window) and pack up and drive the Baja. We were just gonna leave. I don't know if we were even going to leave a note. In fact, I don't think we were because we wanted a head start and we didn't want to have the cops called before we hit the boarder. We figured that Mom or Jimmy would call the Scubaroo in as a stolen vehicle. We were totally willing to take our Lil Brother Andrew with us but he was crying and so we never did go. Even before this I have had dreams (read; Pipe dreams) of moving to Baja California. Owning a cute, quaint little clay house. Raising my children in the sun and teaching them Spanish. Sending them out to play in the mangroves or on the beach.

I want to live in Baja California, in the tiniest little town where a person has one choice or grocery store, beer store, pub, restaurant, or doctor. Where you have to drive for an hour to get to a city that has a grocery store big enough to carry radishes.

It is 26.11C in Todos Santos, Baja California right now.

This house is for Sale right now.

I have absolutely fallen in love ! ! !

/Sigh At least that killed some time here at work. I think I like it the most because it looks the most like a real, comfortable, cozy family home. With the dog laying in the driveway out front.
Anyone care to join me in Todos Santos ?

T21 Traveling Afghan!

What An Amazing Idea!

Little Miss E and Her Momma are making an Afghan and they are going to be sending it around the globe to fellow bloggers and families with loved ones who have T21 (Trisomy 21)
We have signed up and look forward to the day when the T21 Afghan reaches the colds of Canada! Then we get to take a pic of the Beany Baby with the Afghan and write in the journal and send it off to the next family! This is just such a wonderful idea to bring families with down syndrome that much closer together! I'm just so excited!
Thanks for the great idea and we look forward to seeing the Afghan!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day! and Mr. Sam

Today was Family Day in Alberta so Mr. Sam and D had the Day off. The Bean always has the day off! I'm at work till midnight but we still got to have a bit of a day together.

I actually got to sleep in this morning till after 9 am, which was Frigging Fantabulous!

We (Read; I,) decided to go for lunch as our family day event so we went for sushi. Now, you may be shocked to hear it but even though Mr. Sam is only 11 he does actually like Sushi. He eats the more common kinds like Ebi (shrimp), Salmon Rolls, Cucumber, Crab and the like. I think this is awesome. For a young boy like Mr. Sam to be willing to try new things like sushi is a great. Hopefully it carries over into adulthood where being flexible and trying new things is a necessary skill.

Another thing we have been noticing is that Sam is getting a lot better with emotional issues.

For those of you who don't know Mr. Sam, he is a great kid but he has some emotional difficulties with certain things. He struggles with anxiety and behavioral issues, a complete lack of social skills, attention issues, defiant behavioral issues, and a serious lack self esteem and what I think may be childhood depression. He has a hard time accepting direction and responds by shutting down emotionally when any kind of pressure is put on him, for example, when Sam has homework. Homework is not something that Sam ever wants to do but he can turn a 5 minute homework job into a crying, hysterical, sobbing catastrophe.
He is very smart and very capable but for some reason, when he feels any kind of pressure, Sam simply loses his confidence and his ability to problem solve and just shuts off. He says "I can't." more often then he inhales and simply wont listen to logic or reason.

D - "Says here you didn't want to write a poem in class today about winter, so sit at the table and write a poem about winter please."

S - "What kind of poem can it be?"

D - "Any kind of poem. It doesn't say specifically what kind of poem so you can write a freestyle poem."

S - "What does freestyle mean?"

D - "Means any style you want."

Now to most people that makes sense, but Sam spent 2 hours at the table saying "I can't write a poem about winter if I don't know what KIND of poem I can write. I don't UNDERSTAND what freestyle means. I can't do it. I don't understand."

Now for all the trying and explaining, he still will not listen or cooperate or simply get it into his head that he can write any kind of poem he wants. We try and try and try to explain it to him. I even got him to take out the dictionary and look up the word freestyle. And honestly, we told him that dad just used the word freestyle meaning "any kind" of poem. So it wasn't about the word FREESTYLE. For some reason Sam just can't handle pressure, he hates to give in or give up, he refuses to be wrong and I swear he is a glutton for punishment. Some days I just KNOW he knows what is being asked of him and he just doesn't want to cooperate. Then again, maybe there are times when the answer just isn't there for Sam. Maybe he struggles and gets so upset when he can't figure something out, like where to put put the towels and sheets, because he knows "I should know this, I thought I knew this, why can't I get the answer? Why don't I know this?"

Currently Mr. Sam attends The Bridges Program here in Calgary. I can't seem to find a web page for the program but this is the basic idea of what the Bridges Program is about. I found this on the CBE (Calgary Board of Education) website.


The Bridges program is for elementary and junior high students identified with severe emotional/behavioral difficulties. The goal of the Bridges Program is to assist each student to achieve academic success and behavioral competence through effective programming, parental involvement, and supported transitions to regular classrooms. The emphasis of instruction is on the core academic subjects, problem-solving, emotional control and social skills development. Curriculum modifications and instructional accommodations are implemented based on the individual needs of each student. The ratio of students to staff is 8:2. Program staff include one full time teacher and one Bridges support worker. Students and their families are also receive support from a YWCA of Calgary family support worker. Consulting psychology may also be available to the program.

This is an absolutely fabulous program for Sam right now. He is getting a lot more personalized teaching and instruction and D gets daily reports of Sam's behavior which makes it much easier to keep on top of things and I think that David probably feels like he is more involved. Quite often when your child misbehaves or acts out at school, teachers and principals and the like can be very vague or confusing. With the daily behaviour reports Dave can see exactly how Samuel did throughout the day and can communicate daily with the teacher via the reports. It's also a great way to see where Sam is improving and where he is still struggling.

Which leads me to Sam's Fabulous Improvements!!!

Last Monday Mr. Sam's YWCA Liaison Justyna called to ask if it was OK to take Sam swimming. Mondays are always a half day so he gets home at noon. I had an eye doctor's appointment for Mr. Bean at 1:15 so I wasn't going to be home when Sam got home. When Justyna called she said she had mentioned on Friday the week before to Sam that she would like to take him swimming on Monday, so she was going to stop by and pick him up at 3:30 if it was alright with us. I told her it would be best to call him to confirm as we live about as far north in Calgary as you can go and it would be an awfully long drive to come all the way and find out he was in no mood to go. I took out Sam's swim trunks and a towel and wrote him a note to tell him that Justyna wanted to take him swimming and off he went! D wasn't home from picking up the Bean at the eye doctor's before Sam left with Justyna.
I'm so super proud of him for being so outgoing and confident enough to go off to the Y with Justyna!


Then on Tuesday his school had a Rollerskating event in the gym and Dave took Mr. Sam and Mr. Bean and my cameras. I'm at work now so I will post some pics and video of the Rollerskating derby when I'm online at home next. It looked like a great time and Sam even ran into a friend there and D got his mom's number so that they could maybe have a get together one day on a weekend. It's not a PLAY DATE!!! HE IS 11!!! GAWD! Maybe something cool like a movie. This is FRIGGING FANTABULOUS too because Mr. Sam doesn't have any friends in Calgary yet as he can be pretty shy and he is always a home body. I think also, as with all only children and Sam was pretty much an only child till he was about 8 or so
(Sam has another Little brother named Casey who is 3), they learn to entertain themselves and enjoy being alone, especially when playing with other children means sharing or being tolerant. LOL Now, don't get me wrong, I have two younger brothers and I am extremely impatient and intolerant!

It's a great thing that Sam has two lil brothers. He is so good with the Bean, helping him get dressed, playing with him on the floor, or putting his buhbuh back in his hands, and just doing all kinds of general big brother things. I think siblings are essential for the social growth and development of children. I know a few people who grew up as only children and they aren't the most giving or selfless people. Socially they are rather snotty and tend to have the me, me, me, take, take, take, mentality. It you are an only child I apologise now. It's just the rule for the people that I have known.

This is also one of the major reasons I think Bean needs a lil brother or sister. I think it is extremely important that he have someone to grow up with, who he can share his life, love, toys and joys with. Can someone convince D that now is as good a time as any please!? KTHXBAI!
Rant Rant Rant!

I'm So thrilled how well Mr. Sam is coming along. Not only is he becoming more outgoing and independent but he is maturing and you can just see it in his face. He's always been such a giving, loving, selfless little boy but now he is becoming a young man! OMG How long till he is shaving?

OH!! And the other day! He's using these HUGE words lately. Like Accusations, and formidable. How many 11 year olds do you know who can use the word FORMIDABLE correctly in a sentence. Well Sam did the other day. He described a kid in a movie who was fighting off an attack by a grown man, the kid was awesome, he fought the man off, stabbed him in the knee, kicked the old guy and ran away. Sam looks at D and I and says "He was sure formidable!"


LOL Love you Samzors!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bean's Birthday Bash UPDATE

Well I have since had a chance to talk to Nana regarding her arrival and what the best course of action would be for the Beany Baby's Birthday Bash!

Since I have to work Saturday, Nana and Granddad are planning to go to the Royal Tyrrel Museum that day. So we are planning to have a Birthday BBQ and get together. Rather than having a cheesy baby birthday party we will plan to make burgers and dogs and have some beer with the guests. If it's nice out we can have a fire in the back yard and do the dogs that way. I'm hoping to invite all the local family and friends who are available so if you happen to be one of said family or friends please call me or email me and I will send you an invite. I will be making actual invitations for the big day but I still have a month and a half to get organised. OH EM GEE!! 1 month and 17 days!!!!! AND MY LIL BOY WILL BE 1!!! Where does the time go? /cry /sob /sniffle

So I'm trying to find something that is perfect for him for his 1st birthday. I was thinking about a walking/riding car. Something he can either sit on or push around. He has mastered the art of pulling himself to a stand at the couch or coffee table and is even attempting to transfer from couch to coffee table or from the stairs to the baby gate. He is really moving. I was looking at something like this Lightning McQueen car. He isn't ready to push something around yet but he may well be ready for it by April! I was also looking at something more like this Fisher Price Activity Walker, which is more of an activity center which can be a walker as well. Oh how exciting. My baby walking!!! Woot!

Ah! Now I can't stop looking at infant toys online!

I'm sure I will find something perfect for the little guy. In the mean time, you can find me on the Toyrus Website.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Today I am Thankful for
1) Making Lasagna for the first time with my family.
2) Silver Creek Lager of which I have one! But Yum!
3) For all three of my Handsome Boys!
~ Sam and his new found maturity.
~ Bean and his new found standing skills
~ D for his yummy cooking creativity!
4) For company benefits that cover eye doctor appointments!
5) For being back at work so that I can have money!

Quick Pics!

This was Beans hair this afternoon after his bath and then a short cat nap!

It was fantastic!
Beany out with Dad and Mr. Sam at the roller blading event.
I'm trying to teach Bean to feed himself!

So far it is going well but he can't wear any clothes or he gets too messy.

This way I just bath him right after.

This is what he thought of grapes I guess.

My lil Elephant!

Hunter in his CPAP Machine!

Now I don't know if you can see this picture very well.

This is the imprint of beans bare foot on my thigh.

We fell alseep for 2 hours in bed together this morning and he kicks and pushes with his feet

He must have fallen asleep with his foot jammed into my thigh.

It's a perfect little foot impression.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Summer Time And The Living's Easy!

Quick Update!

I finally have the knitting thing figured out! At least I have the basic knitting down, not so much the purling or the increasing or decreasing or color changing. So! Essentially I can make a scarf, as long as it's one color, and doesn't have any fancy design in it, I'm good to go.

Who wants a scarf?!


So I have been trying to do more extracurricular activities, such as knitting, reading, scrap booking, blogging, or making hemp necklaces. So far so good. I'm half way threw a book I started last Wednesday and I brought my hemp and beads to work so that I can have time to make Bean a new necklace. The shell fell off the last one and then it broke shortly after. He definitely needs a new Momma-Made hemp necklace.

I can't wait for the summer! I think I have been feeling crappy lately cause of the crappy snow and cold weather. Well, there are a lot of reasons why I have been feeling crappy lately but I know that summer always makes me feel better. If I can go outside, sit in my grass, crank the reggae and have a beer while my cats play on the fence, it would sure put a dent in the crappy funk I often get stuck in. Best part about this summer is I will get to sit in the grass and listen to Bob Marley with my Lil Bean this summer. :D :D :D I wont let him drink tho... That's just crazy! Waste my beer!

And summer always brings great festivals and concerts! Last summer Mr. Sam and I went to the Canada Day Festival in Prince's Island Park.

Then in July I took the Bean to the Calgary Folk Music Festival.

We got to see Ani Difranco in the pouring rain.

We had fair warning that the rain was coming!

Now, Bean was born April 2nd and Ani played on July 27th. That means that Beany saw his first concert at 3 months 25 days old. We had an absolutely fabulous time dancing in the rain.

The funny thing about Ani Difranco is that twice I have seen her here in Calgary both times it started to rain just as she was coming on stage. The day would be nice, just a little overcast and not too hot and Ani hits the stage and down comes the rain. Itsy Bitsy Spider! But we were ready for it. I brought a big picinic blanket and a couple of baby blankets and put Bean in a really warm fleecy PJ onesie. The I carried him in the Snuggly on my chest and wrapped him in baby blankets and draped the picnic blanket of my shoulder so that he could just look up at my face and get fresh air. It was a good thing I was prepared because it really poured. We tucked all our stuff into the stroller and covered it with the stroller slicker (plastic cover). Then we snuck off, all bundled up, and made our way to the very front right near the stage. I danced and Bean snoozed and people smiled and chuckled and pointed when they saw us loving the music in the rain.

One of the most ingenious ideas we saw that day were the folks in the beer garden drinking UNDER their tables, trying to stay dry. :D

Ani was the last main stage act of the entire 4 day festival and after her set it was very dark. There were paper lantern totems set up in the park and a paper lantern light parade came out and wandered around the people like a colorful snake. It was absolutely beautiful and such a nice way to end the evening. Fortunately by then it had pretty much stopped raining. D picked us up at around 11 and what a wonderful adventure for the Lil Bean!

So needless to say, I am very sick of the snow and looking forward to the summer again. Calgary has a host of great summer events every year. Jazz fest, Expo Latino, Carifest (Caribean Fest) (actual site is currently down), Reggae fest, Shakespear in the park, Lilac fest, Salsa fest!

In fact here is a really good link to Events and festivals in Calgary for any of you who might be interested! This site lists pretty much every upcoming event from this weekend till the end of the year. It's my guide to living in Calgary basically. Ohhh Calgary Beerfest is in May! And YAY for The 2009 Calgary International Children's Festival! That's a huge 5 day event that's hosted in a few different locations around Calgary.