Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bean's Birthday Plans Have Me Stumped!

As for keeping busy IRL (in real life), I need to plan a birthday party for the Bean in April!

I don't really know where to start with this. I suppose I should find out when my parents and grandparents will be here. I have Thursday, April 2nd off which is Beans actual birthday but it's a Thursday. Not many people have Thursdays off and I don't know if having an evening birthday party is what you do for a 1 year old. I would love to have a nice family dinner on the Thursday evening and then an actual afternoon birthday party on the Saturday but I have to work Saturday, so unless I can trade my shift with someone then that wont happen. My other option would be to take another VA day or two so that I could have the weekend off with my family.

After scheduling, the next issue I have is planning the party itself! I don't know where to start. Usually I am very good at these things. Planning parties, potlucks, and get-togethers is usually fairly easy for me, but I want things to be absolutely perfect! It's Beany's FIRST Birthday! The Birthday of all birthdays! Do I have a theme? Do I invite friends or just family? Do I have it at our house? Do I really want to clean up after a big birthday!? lol
I envision Bean surrounded by kids his age, smiling from ear to ear, buried in presents that tower above him. But we don't really have any friends with young kids to invite over. Hmmmm. That might be a lie.

Mental note ~ Alicia + Jesse, Christine + Lorelai, Liz + Kayden, Erin + Alex

Ponder Ponder Ponder!

The one thing that gets me is that at 1 year of age Bean doesn't really have any likes or dislikes. He's not into Batman or Star Wars, Trucks or Dinosaurs. He's just too little for all that and I don't want to have a big goofy theme for his party that is impersonal. It would be different if he was a Tomas the Tank Engine nut or in love with Franklin but he's not. He likes bananas though, and he can eat ice cream like nobodies business, and music sure makes him move. Hmmmm

Mental note ~ Bean needs a tiny cake to himself! One that is easy to eat with your hands and no teeth.
~ Lots of fun music

Any suggestions on a first birthday party would be greatly appreciated. I don't know why this has me so thoroughly stumped. I have friends who already have their parties planned and invites are in the mail. /pokes Christine! I have lots of people who I'm sure would love to come. Sass, Chelly, Aunty Kerry, Uncles, Long lost distant twice removed cousins on my mothers brothers side of the family! Bah! I'll work on it and keep you updated.

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