Tuesday, April 28, 2009

North Van Loco's

I Am Home Sick For North Vancouver!

Strangely, as I was looking up random documentaries to watch today, I stumbled on this video called Carts of Darkness. If you have an hour, I definitely recommend taking the time to watch it. It's a documentary about homeless guys in North Van who race shopping carts down Mountain Highway at 65 KM/h. Not only is the film itself interesting in that you get to peak a little closer into the lives of these men and how they manage to live on the streets, but it's filmed in North Van and it's absolutely Gorgeous! Strangely enough, this film has worsened my home sickness. /sigh What I wouldn't give to go drinking in the bush along the Seymore river in North Van.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I think My Hairs Gone Craaaazee!

So, Hunters hair was getting a bit long. On many an occasion I have been asked if my sweet HANDSOME little MAN was a girl or a boy. I don't tend to dress him in girly outfits and usually he is wearing jeans, cords, blue, blue or a dark shade of BLUE. SO I don't really understand why people think he is a girl. I put his hair in a pony tail the other night and Dave and I couldn't get over how Girly he looked. Immediately his eyes and face seemed very feminine and I could see right away why some people might think he was a girl, dressed in boy clothes. Regardless of how girly he looked, he was still so damn cute! Sam however did not like his little brother wearing a pony tail.

Now, as I have mentioned before Hunter had a significant bald spot a long ways back. From sleep and rubbing his little noggin in the same spot all the time when he was just widdle. For the last year I have let his hair do it's own thing and was honestly hoping that the front and back would eventually even out. Apparently back of the head hair grows EXPONENTIALLY slower then bangs. There was a significant difference in the Left side of the back of his head and the right. The left side had cute little curly wisps of hair peaking out behind his ear while you couldn't see his hair on the right side, and his bangs were about 4 inches long. So, on the spur of the moment I decided that Daddy and I needed to even his hair out so he didn't look so goofy. Now I know his hair was so long and pretty but the lopsidedness out weighed the prettiness!

So we took the buzzer with a number 6 guard to my baby boy's head. :'( I saved some of his precious hair in a little bag for my scrapbook.

And Here is My handsome boy with a crappy home job hair cut! I think he looks fabulous! He looks so much more like a little boy! A boy as opposed to a baby, not a boy as opposed to a girl. Ha ha! There are a few spots that we obviously missed. He was really good about not fussing when we cut his hair but fussing and sitting still are two different things. Sit still he did not! Perhaps D and I will fix it up a little on Thursday when I have the day off.

My Big Boy All Growned Up!

He He HE
Save the Best For Last!

Monday, April 20, 2009


My good friend Sami was lamenting earlier in her blog about not having the necessary space for her crafts and projects about the house. Much Like myself, she is a creative, crafty, hands on kinda gal. She always has been. I remember nights of staying over at Sam's and sleeping next to her in her queen. On one side of me, Sam. On the other, Paints, Beads, Canvass, Rocks, Wire and an assortment of other odds and sods. But I loved crashing over with Sam. We would listen to Tori for hours and pick through her arts and paints and things, nonsensically cooking things like black bean and coconut rice, and drinking red wine. Her latest post is awesome because I get to see pics of her apartment that she shares with her new Daughter Sadie and her man Mark. Her pics show Sam in all her colorful clusterfuck glory! I just love it! I miss her. It's been years and years since we have seen each other but due to blogging we have managed to get back in touch and now she is one of my few Constant Readers! Here is her Blog for you to check out! Blatherings of an Alter Ego!
And Most important and much more fun then blogging is Sami's Etsy Site! An Absolutely stunning ability to Jewel craft! I think my favorite of her's right now is
Speak Freely With Love

So not only do I long to hang out with Sami again but I too long for my own private Idaho.
How absolutely brilliant it would be to have my very own room for my knitting and beading. For all my gift bags, sewing machine, various wrapping papers, ribbons, bows, and other fun decorative goodies. Oh to have a place to work on my Plaster Belly. To sand and paint it in a quiet, undisturbed environment. A place to put my knitting needles, half finished knitting projects, copious scrap booking paraphernalia, and books! Books, Books, Books! I have been holding back when it comes to garage sales and book sales cause I really have no where to put anything. But oh man! If I had a craft room! I would go all out! Oh to dream!

Anyway! A new baby is not all that conducive to more room for me and my craft projects so I will just wait till I'm 50 and my kids move out of the house, much like my mother had to do! Oh dear!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Working Weekends Makes Me Whiny

D told me yesterday "Don't tell yourself this, but I'm starting miss doing stuff with you on the weekends. I'm kinda looking forward to you being on Mat leave again so we can just pack up and go do stuff. But Don't TELL yourself that!"

I miss having Saturday's and Sundays off too. If we want to do anything like go to the Zoo or The Flee market, it's just not possible. Anything we do has to be on Friday night or Sat Sun Night. UGH! And The Calgary Zoo is only open till 6 pm. So I think that we are going to plan to go to the Zoo on May 18Th which is a Monday and Dave and I both appear to have the day off. Yes it's kinda sad that I have to plan a one day outing to the zoo a month in advance. :'( We no longer have the luxury of just picking up and going somewhere on the spur of the moment. I'm a spur of the moment kinda person. When I was still on mat leave I called Dave on a Friday and asked if we could go to my G & G's for the weekend. "This Weekend?" "Yes, like, as soon as you get home from work, we can just... go?" He He He. I had all day to pack our stuff up and off we went to Cranbrook to see the family for My Grams Big Birthday! That was a fabulous weekend and My Gramma didn't even know we were coming till we were 30 Min's from her house. It's about a 4 hour drive, with kids.

And !!! The All the good Frigging concerts and Festivals and events happen on Saturday and Sunday! I wont be able to go to Lilac Festival this year. And If I do get tickets to the Calgary Folk Music Festival I wont be able to go till 4pm. Which will probably be OK because then I still have 6 hours of Fest left to enjoy! But what a crappy shift! Granted it was my choice but my option was to work Mon - Friday 4 pm - midnight having Saturday and Sunday off with family but no week nights at all. Or Mon, Tues, Wed, 4 - 12, Thurs, Friday off, Sat Sun Day 8 am - 4 pm. This way I have two weeknights and the evenings on weekends off. I think I see the family more this way but I sure don't get to do a whole lot on the weekends.

One good thing is that I have had some of my requested Vacation days Approved. I have Wednesday July 1st off for Canada day and then the Thursday, Friday as usual. I put in for VA days on the Sat Sun so I have a 5 day weekend in July! WOOT! Now to figure out what to do for that 5 days.

I did request 2 Days off in August for the 8th and 9th so that the family and I can join Up's and Down's at the Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch (Previously Called the No Ka Oi Ranch). This is a special Equestrian Summer camp where we get to sleep in TEE-PEE's ! "The Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch is a recreational facility designed to provide a FREE outdoor experience for children with life challenges" That's gonna be super cool. So far, it's our one family vacation this summer that we are all looking forward to, and by We I mean ME! There is a lake, a swimming hole, a fishing hole, Hiking trails, Horses for the kids, Teepee's for sleeping in, Sport's field, wagon rides, playground. Man, I'm glad I have kids. I would never be able to go back and do all this cool stuff if I didn't. Can you imagine Dave and I going off to summer camp for the weekend and playing on the playground and riding horses by our selves! LOL

oooo! Folkfest will be fun.. I just finished talking to Dee and she wants to come with Bean and I. May 14th is when they announce the official line up and the early bird tickets go on sale. I will keep you posted about who the headliner is this year. If you are interested in joining The Bean, Dee and Myself at this years folkfest let me know! Can't sneak any Red Wine in this year though. Gawd I'm a lush. Constantly lamenting the fact that I can't drink! LOL

One cool thing is that Hunter will be big enough to enjoy the kiddie pool this year. Last year I took him to Riley park with Sam and Beany was just so tiny. He couldn't even sit up so I just floated him around in the shade on an air mattress and splashed him once in a while. This year he will have a blast at the kiddie pool so that's something I can look forward to doing on Thursday's and Friday's. Daddy bought Bean a little shaded kiddie pool for the backyard which will come in handy for those hot days when I'm feeling too fat and lazy to take 3 buses to the park! LOL I <3 Daddy! He's a smart man. And I bought Hunter Boy a fancy schmancy Lil Sunscreen swimming outfit to keep him from being sun burnted! So I think we are all set for Summer! If Only I had more time for Camping! /cry!


Kerry! Hi! Lets Plan a Camping Weekend for July 1 - 5 TH! Dave can't say no to his big sister! That's Sacrilage!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keeping it Real

So The idea is to take a picture of yourself right now, no touch ups, no primping, no changing clothes, and post it before you can change your mind!

Here are my two pics! They are both awful. And I'm way fat! I took them with my cell from my desk at work! SECKSI! See me rocking the Head set! Aww Yeah!

Now to tag some folks!

I Tag Sami of course. She's my one and only constant reader.
I Tag Nana of course. She's my one and only constant reader.
I Tag Shannon from HSB as I'm sure she would play along.
I Tag My newest Blogger friend but long time RL Friend BIG DEEEEEEEEE.
I Tag Cj from her Many fabulous blogs cause she is stellar and lots of fun!

That's 5~!

Needle Roll

Ok so My Momma posted a few pics of the Needle roll so I just snagged them for you to see.
My mother is a Phenom when it comes to Quilting and sewing. She whipped this up in 1 day as a surprise for me before she came for Beans Birthday. It's absolutely stunning and I love it. For those of you who are Quilting Junkies you really need to check out Pam's Pages. She is inspirational and not a terrible blogger either.

Patience is a virtue

I have been a lazy blogger lately, even though there is much to share.

Ha! The irony is that not many people read my blog so I don't think I am really keeping anyone in suspense. My life isn't all that entertaining. I did, however, Dread my hair.

I dyed my hair with a bad Non-natural hair henna that completely fried my hair and I had been unable to brush my hair for probably 2 weeks after the dye. This frustrated me beyond measure. My hair was very dry and dead and there was pretty much no way to salvage it. I have been wanting to dread my hair again for some time now but I really haven't had the cajones to do it. (Cajones means balls in Spanish for those of you who don't speak Spanish, it's pronounces Ka Hoe Nez). So on Monday I had the day off and Dee and Chelly came over and Thrashed away at my hair for about... 7 hours. It was painful and irritating but they did a decent job, for women who have never done dreads before. A Lot of the dreads were WAY too huge for their own good so I have since ripped a bunch in half and am working on rolling and rubbing them. My scalp is on fire and I just want to spray cold cucumber water in it. I don't know why cucumber water. Probably cause cucumbers are cool and soothing and smell nice. As of right now, the burning scalp is not so pleasant. That will heal soon enough I'm sure.

I swear, (!@#$!@#) that lately, my life is all about teaching me patience. From taking up knitting, getting dreadlocks, a son with DS, and now another baby on the way. Is there possibly a more sadistic way to teach a woman patience?

"Hey kid, Wanna Learn how to swim?" ~SHOVE~

But, that's typical of my life. Can't just learn things the first time. Oh NO! Gotta do things the hardest way possible. Ha ha, which is kinda funny, because I had dreads once before. I loved them but I took them out because I thought my ex hated them. I thought that getting dreads the first time was a mistake. Perhaps the dreads weren't the mistake. Perhaps giving up something I liked to make someone else happy was the mistake.
Which was more the rule than the exception in my last relationship. Hence getting rid of his lazy, drunken, stupid, useless, rotten filthy ass! (did I say that out loud?)

Anywho! I'm happy I have dreads again. It shall be a long and arduous process to get them to a stage where they are in a really nice and respectable dreadlock shape. Till then, I need to rub and tug till my arms fall off. Ha Ha!

My mother can once again take pics of me next to the ass end of a llama, and she can smile and say, "Which one is my daughter?" LOL only my mother will understand this nonsense.

This is me the last time I had dreads.

No Occifer I has not been drinkins!

So that was a few summers ago. My hair and dreads, are shorter now but they are still cool!

Oooh I was way skinny there too! Le Sigh!

Right! So I quickly mentioned the baby bit! For those of you who don't know, D and I are having another baby. This was completely unplanned and completely unexpected. I was totally caught off guard by this new arrival. I wasn't feeling all that hot for a few days while my parents were here from Vancouver for the babies (I suppose I wont be able to call him the baby for very much longer) big birthday bash. I am Chronically late! Always. To the point where it is stressful and problematic. There have been many times where, 16 days late, I have take a Pregnancy test to see what the heck is going on, it comes out negative and sure enough the very next day I menstruate. Like Murphy's Law.

"Ha, got you all stressed out and spending money on tests. Now's a good time!" ~ My period

I wasn't even sure how late I was, and frankly I have no idea when my last menstrual period was, or LMP as "They" like to call it. So I took a stinking test, thinking, Chiding myself, "Frigging 15$ on another stupid test because I can't wait another few days. Why is it always that I have to go through this every month? Why can't I just be on schedule?!"

And, Thinking nothing of it, I didn't look at the test right away. When I came back to the damn thing, it's positive. Positive that I am pregnant. I LAUGHED! I LAUGHED MY SELF SILLY IN THE BATHROOM! Then I looked at the pee stick again and just kept laughing. I honestly don't know why it was so funny. Probably because it caught me off guard. I went down stairs and told Dave. He was happy. He is always happy for more babies. He would rather have babies then dogs or cats. Says they are way easier to take care of then pets. I laugh at him.

Funny thing. I asked Dave, "When did this happen?" he said "We have sex more often then you think we don't." LMAO! So that's when it happened I guess! I must have been asleep!

Personally, I think The Bean sent us this baby. He wants a little sister (or brother, if it HAS to be another boy I suppose I'll manage). This lil babe is the best thing that could happen to the Bean. He needs someone to grow up with and share things with. He needs a best friend in life. Someone to take care of him when I am old and grey. He needs a little sister to watch out for him at school and spend weekends with him when he is living in his own place. Teaching him how to cook for himself, or taking him to all the new and cool restaurants. Someone to watch movies with. Someone to share a sleeping bag and a Smore with when we go camping! Think of all the fabulous and wicked things they will do together. My little boy can't grow up alone. And that is how this baby got to be. Beany sent her to us. (/Crosses her fingers for a her)

My first Ultra Sound is on Monday the 20th. I had totally forgotten what first trimester ultrasounds were all about, till the lady at the clinic reminded me to drink 4 glasses of water 1 hour before arriving, and my skin started to crawl and my bladder shrunk up into my tummy! AAAAAAAAAAAHHH! What a pleasant feeling. To have an OVERLY full bladder while a stranger Presses a COLD, WET, JELLY COATED TICKLE WAND over your PEE SPOT! Needless to say I'm not looking forward to it. It's a 9:15 am appointment. I gotta get to an Ultrasound appointment by 9:15 am with a 1 year old on the bus. I seriously need my licence.

Ohh, and for all those who like to live vicariously, I am suffering with AWFUL, Overwhelming Morning sickness, except apparently my body can't tell time so ALL day is morning! Middle of the night! Must be morning! 4 pm in the afternoon! Seems like morning to me! Barf! What's that? It's 7:30 am and you want to have a cup of tea? HA HA! Nope, Sorry! It's morning!

I did not have this with Hunter. I was rarely, if almost never sick. I typically felt great. The third trimester was the worst because I was so fat and uncomfortable. But this time around I'm just constantly ill. People tell me this is a sign that it is a girl. Everything I read suggests twins. Ha! Wish me luck!

Oooh and to add INSULT to Injury! I can't enjoy a cold beer on my deck with my hubby and our fancy BBQ this summer!

Sooo, aside from that my knitting has been totally LACKS lately too, I'm not sure why. Just stuck in a "I would rather surf the Web Phase" I guess. I am making some progress on a baby blanket for Hunter at the moment. Well, one half of it. I will take a few pics of it when I get a chance.

My momma A.K.A. Nana made this Amazing needle pouch for me! Wow! Just so gorgeous. I will post some pics of that tomorrow too. I have Thursday and Friday off so I should have time to clean the house and post some new pics of things.

Well. Till tomorrow all you lurkers!

Hi Sandy! Hi Shane! Hi G & G! Say hi to Sharon for me! Hope to see you guys soon!

New Programs Available Through Your YMCA

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Class 1
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The Toilet Paper Roll--Does It Change Itself?
Round Table Discussion.
Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours.

Class 3
Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub?--Group Practice.
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Fundamental Differences Between The Laundry Basket and The Floor--Pictures and Explanatory Graphics.
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Dinner Dishes--Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Kitchen Sink?
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Loss Of Identity--Losing The Remote To Your Significant Other.
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The Stove/Oven-- What It Is and How It Is Used.
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Upon completion of any of the above courses, diplomas will be issued to the survivors.

Friday, April 10, 2009

21 Things about The Bean

1) Mr. Bean is now 1 year old!

2) Mr. Bean absolutely loves to eat and is usually not picky at all. If it's edible, he's interested.

3) Bean is doing exceptional with his gross motor skills. He is crawling like crazy and walking with a little walker. For now has put fine motor skills and communication on the back burner. Once he can run he might stop long enough to learn a few words.

4) He has the most amazing smile and most pleasing laugh I have ever heard. Contagious and addictive.

5) Bean has little glasses but quite often has no patience for wearing them.

6) Hunter is extremely social and very rarely shy. He has only ever played shy twice, both times the person who made him cry was wearing glasses.

7) Hunter baby is totally in love with his Nana. They could stare at each other all day if they wouldn't starve. Perhaps a meal replacement shake with two straws, they could share and stare together.

8) Bean loves music and will dance back and forth when he hears something he really likes.

9) He runs to the TV when the Trailer Park Boys theme comes on. He hears it 4 times a day.

10) He is officially sitting forward in his car seat now.

11) He has a beautifully expressive face and will light up with a huge smile if I smile or make a winky face at him.

12) He has the cutest little fat heals! Love it! Little Stompers!

13) He is a very easy baby to take places. He never shouts (in public), cries or throws fits. He is typically content. I always say "What does he have to complain about? He's warm, fed, clean and loved. Why would he cry?" My grandfather says the next one will come out with a pitch fork!

14) Totally loves water. He sits at the front of the tub and I let the water run and he sits there with his hands feeling the trickling water coming from the tap, grabbing it, touching it, trying to bring the water to his mouth. He would sit there for hours just feeling the water run through his fingers. I bought a little watering can for him to play with in the tub so he doesn't have to sit under the tap.

15) He once called Nana long distance on his own. I usually, though not as often any more, allow him to play with the phone. It beeps and lights up but USUALLY he can't call anyone. Or hadn't till a few weeks ago when he some how managed to call Nana in Vancouver. He obviously hit redial then talk or talk then redial. Here I am at 7:30 am watching Treehouse and drinking my tea in my house coat and the phone rings. I thought it was Dave but it was Nana. She asks why I was calling there so early. I said I didn't call her, as I look at Hunter on the floor. I had to take the phone away from him when it rang. "You got a call from us?" Sure enough. I guess the first half of the call was recorded on the answering machine because they couldn't get to the phone fast enough at 6:30 am. Once they answered, all my mom could hear was grunting and heavy breathing and baby cooing noises. Smart cookie my boy is. Called Nana to say good morning. I'll have to explain to him about the time difference.

16) Hunter enjoys playing with string or wires. If something has a cord or a string on it, he will play with that string and ignore the rest of the toy entirely.

17) His newest thing is to wave/shake his arms back and forth as if he is about to clap. He will clap once or twice then go back to shaking his arms. He does this when he is super excited about something.

18) There aren't really very many things that he hates or dislikes. He doesn't totally enjoy having his diaper changed if he is playing, you are just interrupting precious play time! And he has some drops for the irritation in his eyes and he ABSOLUTELY does not like getting his eye drops. He is very cooperative with cough syrup and Motrin though. Must be the flavor.

19) He officially has TWO teeth. One just cut the gum line the other day, but you can't see it yet. Only feel it.

20) Hunter is fairly short for his age. His clothes all fit kinda funny. Either they are 12 - 18 month clothes that fit perfect in the waste, shoulder, neck and arms and are WAY too long for his legs, or they are perfect fit in the legs but WAY too tight in the waste. He is thick but short. So most of his clothes have rolled up legs and arms and most of his Pajamas have feet that trail behind him when he crawls around the house.

21) Hunter boy will have a new baby brother or sister in December! :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Pics for the Masses

~Bean and momma~

Bean and Dadzors

Bean and Grand Dad


And Nana in the Tub!

I'll just post the link to My moms Flicker so you can check them out there. But here are a few Faves!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bean's Big Birthday Bash!

I made cake.

A big one for us and a tiny one for the Bean to destroy all on his very own.

And I made a huge pot of pork ribs!

Yay! Aunty Sassy is here!!

Table full of yummy goodness!

The kids helping with the gift opening.

Look at all my new books!

His very own cake so we didn't have to eat drool.

My First Drum Kit!

Here is the Mountain of pressies he got to open. Well, Lorelai helped him to open them.

Contrary to popular belief, My child is NOT spoiled... Spoiled means rotten, He's Just Well loved.