Monday, April 20, 2009


My good friend Sami was lamenting earlier in her blog about not having the necessary space for her crafts and projects about the house. Much Like myself, she is a creative, crafty, hands on kinda gal. She always has been. I remember nights of staying over at Sam's and sleeping next to her in her queen. On one side of me, Sam. On the other, Paints, Beads, Canvass, Rocks, Wire and an assortment of other odds and sods. But I loved crashing over with Sam. We would listen to Tori for hours and pick through her arts and paints and things, nonsensically cooking things like black bean and coconut rice, and drinking red wine. Her latest post is awesome because I get to see pics of her apartment that she shares with her new Daughter Sadie and her man Mark. Her pics show Sam in all her colorful clusterfuck glory! I just love it! I miss her. It's been years and years since we have seen each other but due to blogging we have managed to get back in touch and now she is one of my few Constant Readers! Here is her Blog for you to check out! Blatherings of an Alter Ego!
And Most important and much more fun then blogging is Sami's Etsy Site! An Absolutely stunning ability to Jewel craft! I think my favorite of her's right now is
Speak Freely With Love

So not only do I long to hang out with Sami again but I too long for my own private Idaho.
How absolutely brilliant it would be to have my very own room for my knitting and beading. For all my gift bags, sewing machine, various wrapping papers, ribbons, bows, and other fun decorative goodies. Oh to have a place to work on my Plaster Belly. To sand and paint it in a quiet, undisturbed environment. A place to put my knitting needles, half finished knitting projects, copious scrap booking paraphernalia, and books! Books, Books, Books! I have been holding back when it comes to garage sales and book sales cause I really have no where to put anything. But oh man! If I had a craft room! I would go all out! Oh to dream!

Anyway! A new baby is not all that conducive to more room for me and my craft projects so I will just wait till I'm 50 and my kids move out of the house, much like my mother had to do! Oh dear!

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Chveya said...

Thanks for the plug Jess. Those were good times hey? How far we have come. Can you email me with your mailing adress? xo