Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Well, I really havent got enough hands for everything I want to do and lord knows, with two kids you need 4 hands and that's 2 less than I already have.

I want to blog, and work, and game, and farm, and garden, and go garage saling! Where do I fit it all in?

This spring I am going to go ape shit in my yard and do my best to grow us a nice little harvest of food. Last year I made an effort but it was a poorly thought out effort and I grew a copious amount of useless food that didnt even thrive. This year I have to make PLANS. I have to figure out WHAT i want to grow and have a better system for WHERE I want to grow it. I also plan on cutting out some more grass and putting in a few more beds. Prefereably along the deck.

In the mean time, I am furiously awaiting the spring. I'm getting itchy green thumbs, my hands have been DIRT and SOILLESS for MONTHS and I'm dying to see the colour green again!

So I will try to post more, and I will try try try to take more pics. I would really like that. If anyone can spare a few hands or arms this spring and summer, I sure could use the help in the yard, come on over, I've got a fridge full of beer!