Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

More CPAP Progress

Snuck in to my lil turds room and snapped a quick pic of him sleeping with his mask on again the other day. Pretty good for his first week!

Today Shaunee, the respiratory therapist came over to check up on our progress. I had scheduled her to come at 1 pm so that by then Hunter would be good and ready for a nap. He wore his mask without a fuss and we took him upstairs to his room where we hooked him up and turned the machine on. I held him until he fell asleep. No fussing, No crying. Just calm, peaceful sleep! AVEC OXYGEN SIL VOUS PLAIS!

The Great Pumpkin Hunt !

We took the kids to the Great Pumpkin Hunt at Butterfield Acres here in Calgary.

ORIGINALLY, we were supposed to meet up with other members of Ups and Downs, but I quite obviously did not read the Invite close enough and the Wagon ride that the Ups and Downs folks were on LEFT for the pumpkin patch at 10:00 am sharp. We showed up around 10:30! Ha ha! Butterfield Acres was very nice about letting us go for our Wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch anyway. All three of the kids got to hunt out a pumpkin to take home with them!

Phee getting ready

Uhmmm... There was a distraction on the right there...

And there is Hunt, Off chasing the goat!


Daddy /wink wink!

Oh So Handsomes!

I love this picture below!
It makes me chortle!

All three boys are looking in TOTALLY different directions!
And Hunter seems to be the only one looking at the camera!

Our Ride out the the Great Pumpkin Patch!

Hunter heading off on his pumpkin hunt!

Can you See the Pumpkins?

Phoenix Found One!

Hunter on the Wagon!

Me and Phee!

So Pretty! My Little Phoenix!

Terrible Pictures!

But here is Hunter right there in the middle of the beasties!

Hold My Calls!


Castian and The T21 Travelling Afghan!

I had the Afghan for FAR too long but there were a few delays in getting together with the next family.
We decided, rather than mail the Afghan across the city, why not just get together for a play date and do a personal hand off and make some new friends!
Here is Castian and his Momma Arlene receiving the T21 Travelling Afghan!


And my kids are in there like it's Christmas!

Castian Eyeballing Hunter!
"Back away from the box Bud!
You had your turn!"

Here Castian is checking out the Journal and deciding if the New Journal is Acceptable!
He has deemed it so!
Hunter Chatting away to Castian While he works on his Commando Crawl!