Thursday, October 21, 2010

CPAP progress!

This is a crummy picture because I took it with my phone but here is my boy, passed out dead to the world, having the best nap ever after calmly and patiently allowing me and the respiratory therapists to put his CPAP mask on him. We turned it on to see how he would do with the air. And just like that, one minute I'm holding him in my arms rocking him and the next... he just laid in my arms, relaxed and fell asleep. Right there in the living room in front of the three ladies (1 Resp, therapist, and 2 RN's) Zonked right out! We put him in the play pen and let him sleep for 2 hours. Daddy put him to bed with the machine and the mask on tonight and I haven't had a status update as of yet but I'm hoping it's still on when I get home! Sweet little guy, he needs all the rest and relaxation he can get, and oxygen WHILE he's doing it! I loves him!

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Mary said...

Wow maybe sleep will help with the behavior issues. I know I'm always a beast when I'm exhausted.