Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back in the Game!

Soooo... I've come back into the land of ADULTS!!!!


Some of you may wonder, "Why on earth would you be excited to go back to work?"

Well... I'll tell you why!

Because by 3pm I am ready to run away from home with nothing but the clothes on my back!

I change one butt after another after another! And LET ME TELL YOU, they might be the cutest little butts on earth but they don't smell like ROSES!
I cook, feed, clean, feed, clean, feed, then sweep, change, sweep followed by MORE Cleaning!
I think I sweep the kitchen floor 4 - 8 times a day, depending on what the babies are EATING.
I chase children, I play with children, I reprimand, and discipline children.
I Laugh and dance with children. I sing ridiculous made up songs to them all day long!
I let them sit on my lap. I share my ice cream with them WHILE they are sitting on my lap, hands and fingers all up IN my ice cream bowl.
I forfeit hot tea for luke warm tea sans cream and sugar, just so I can get a MILD caffeine fix!
I forget to eat because I am too busy running around cleaning and feeding and catering TO the babies...
I love them to the end of the earth and back... but hot dang! I want a hot meal!
I need the private time. The quiet time. The Me time. The adult time. The sanity!

So here I am... Happy to be back at work.

And Now that I'm back to work I will use my time... to blog about my babies! LOL! AND WORK! I WILL ALSO WORK! I PROMISE!

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Pam said...

Welcome back!!

I am looking forward to lots of pictures!!

Love ya!