Tuesday, April 28, 2009

North Van Loco's

I Am Home Sick For North Vancouver!

Strangely, as I was looking up random documentaries to watch today, I stumbled on this video called Carts of Darkness. If you have an hour, I definitely recommend taking the time to watch it. It's a documentary about homeless guys in North Van who race shopping carts down Mountain Highway at 65 KM/h. Not only is the film itself interesting in that you get to peak a little closer into the lives of these men and how they manage to live on the streets, but it's filmed in North Van and it's absolutely Gorgeous! Strangely enough, this film has worsened my home sickness. /sigh What I wouldn't give to go drinking in the bush along the Seymore river in North Van.

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Chveya said...

Just imagine that it is November, you have no car, it's 10pm and you are waiting for the Deep Cove bus at Phibbs. That should cure you of any home sickness you have for the North Shore...