Friday, April 10, 2009

21 Things about The Bean

1) Mr. Bean is now 1 year old!

2) Mr. Bean absolutely loves to eat and is usually not picky at all. If it's edible, he's interested.

3) Bean is doing exceptional with his gross motor skills. He is crawling like crazy and walking with a little walker. For now has put fine motor skills and communication on the back burner. Once he can run he might stop long enough to learn a few words.

4) He has the most amazing smile and most pleasing laugh I have ever heard. Contagious and addictive.

5) Bean has little glasses but quite often has no patience for wearing them.

6) Hunter is extremely social and very rarely shy. He has only ever played shy twice, both times the person who made him cry was wearing glasses.

7) Hunter baby is totally in love with his Nana. They could stare at each other all day if they wouldn't starve. Perhaps a meal replacement shake with two straws, they could share and stare together.

8) Bean loves music and will dance back and forth when he hears something he really likes.

9) He runs to the TV when the Trailer Park Boys theme comes on. He hears it 4 times a day.

10) He is officially sitting forward in his car seat now.

11) He has a beautifully expressive face and will light up with a huge smile if I smile or make a winky face at him.

12) He has the cutest little fat heals! Love it! Little Stompers!

13) He is a very easy baby to take places. He never shouts (in public), cries or throws fits. He is typically content. I always say "What does he have to complain about? He's warm, fed, clean and loved. Why would he cry?" My grandfather says the next one will come out with a pitch fork!

14) Totally loves water. He sits at the front of the tub and I let the water run and he sits there with his hands feeling the trickling water coming from the tap, grabbing it, touching it, trying to bring the water to his mouth. He would sit there for hours just feeling the water run through his fingers. I bought a little watering can for him to play with in the tub so he doesn't have to sit under the tap.

15) He once called Nana long distance on his own. I usually, though not as often any more, allow him to play with the phone. It beeps and lights up but USUALLY he can't call anyone. Or hadn't till a few weeks ago when he some how managed to call Nana in Vancouver. He obviously hit redial then talk or talk then redial. Here I am at 7:30 am watching Treehouse and drinking my tea in my house coat and the phone rings. I thought it was Dave but it was Nana. She asks why I was calling there so early. I said I didn't call her, as I look at Hunter on the floor. I had to take the phone away from him when it rang. "You got a call from us?" Sure enough. I guess the first half of the call was recorded on the answering machine because they couldn't get to the phone fast enough at 6:30 am. Once they answered, all my mom could hear was grunting and heavy breathing and baby cooing noises. Smart cookie my boy is. Called Nana to say good morning. I'll have to explain to him about the time difference.

16) Hunter enjoys playing with string or wires. If something has a cord or a string on it, he will play with that string and ignore the rest of the toy entirely.

17) His newest thing is to wave/shake his arms back and forth as if he is about to clap. He will clap once or twice then go back to shaking his arms. He does this when he is super excited about something.

18) There aren't really very many things that he hates or dislikes. He doesn't totally enjoy having his diaper changed if he is playing, you are just interrupting precious play time! And he has some drops for the irritation in his eyes and he ABSOLUTELY does not like getting his eye drops. He is very cooperative with cough syrup and Motrin though. Must be the flavor.

19) He officially has TWO teeth. One just cut the gum line the other day, but you can't see it yet. Only feel it.

20) Hunter is fairly short for his age. His clothes all fit kinda funny. Either they are 12 - 18 month clothes that fit perfect in the waste, shoulder, neck and arms and are WAY too long for his legs, or they are perfect fit in the legs but WAY too tight in the waste. He is thick but short. So most of his clothes have rolled up legs and arms and most of his Pajamas have feet that trail behind him when he crawls around the house.

21) Hunter boy will have a new baby brother or sister in December! :D


Chveya said...

WOw Jess!!! Congratulations. Are you (crazy)psyched? I am not letting my boy on me until Valentines day 2010!!! =)

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ashley&christy2001 said...

Glad that bean isn't a picky eater,hopefully that want change, Brayden(3yearold) use to be an awesome eater and then just decided after staying with his mawmaw a few days all he wanted was mac & cheese...needless to say I don't cater to him..I feel your pain on the legs being too long,Brayden was wearing a 24 month when he was about 10 months, and so I had to spend alot of time rolling pants. I found Old Navy is awesome about there stuff they make there pants to were they look great rolled up.