Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I think My Hairs Gone Craaaazee!

So, Hunters hair was getting a bit long. On many an occasion I have been asked if my sweet HANDSOME little MAN was a girl or a boy. I don't tend to dress him in girly outfits and usually he is wearing jeans, cords, blue, blue or a dark shade of BLUE. SO I don't really understand why people think he is a girl. I put his hair in a pony tail the other night and Dave and I couldn't get over how Girly he looked. Immediately his eyes and face seemed very feminine and I could see right away why some people might think he was a girl, dressed in boy clothes. Regardless of how girly he looked, he was still so damn cute! Sam however did not like his little brother wearing a pony tail.

Now, as I have mentioned before Hunter had a significant bald spot a long ways back. From sleep and rubbing his little noggin in the same spot all the time when he was just widdle. For the last year I have let his hair do it's own thing and was honestly hoping that the front and back would eventually even out. Apparently back of the head hair grows EXPONENTIALLY slower then bangs. There was a significant difference in the Left side of the back of his head and the right. The left side had cute little curly wisps of hair peaking out behind his ear while you couldn't see his hair on the right side, and his bangs were about 4 inches long. So, on the spur of the moment I decided that Daddy and I needed to even his hair out so he didn't look so goofy. Now I know his hair was so long and pretty but the lopsidedness out weighed the prettiness!

So we took the buzzer with a number 6 guard to my baby boy's head. :'( I saved some of his precious hair in a little bag for my scrapbook.

And Here is My handsome boy with a crappy home job hair cut! I think he looks fabulous! He looks so much more like a little boy! A boy as opposed to a baby, not a boy as opposed to a girl. Ha ha! There are a few spots that we obviously missed. He was really good about not fussing when we cut his hair but fussing and sitting still are two different things. Sit still he did not! Perhaps D and I will fix it up a little on Thursday when I have the day off.


Mary said...

So stinkin cute. What a lil man he is.

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

What can I say, he did look kind of girlie with his ponytail, but nothing girlie about him now with his new haircut!

And, is there a reason for the Spanish? just curious :)

Ssejors said...

No reason for the spanish really.. I love spanish and have taken some university Spanish courses.