Saturday, April 18, 2009

Working Weekends Makes Me Whiny

D told me yesterday "Don't tell yourself this, but I'm starting miss doing stuff with you on the weekends. I'm kinda looking forward to you being on Mat leave again so we can just pack up and go do stuff. But Don't TELL yourself that!"

I miss having Saturday's and Sundays off too. If we want to do anything like go to the Zoo or The Flee market, it's just not possible. Anything we do has to be on Friday night or Sat Sun Night. UGH! And The Calgary Zoo is only open till 6 pm. So I think that we are going to plan to go to the Zoo on May 18Th which is a Monday and Dave and I both appear to have the day off. Yes it's kinda sad that I have to plan a one day outing to the zoo a month in advance. :'( We no longer have the luxury of just picking up and going somewhere on the spur of the moment. I'm a spur of the moment kinda person. When I was still on mat leave I called Dave on a Friday and asked if we could go to my G & G's for the weekend. "This Weekend?" "Yes, like, as soon as you get home from work, we can just... go?" He He He. I had all day to pack our stuff up and off we went to Cranbrook to see the family for My Grams Big Birthday! That was a fabulous weekend and My Gramma didn't even know we were coming till we were 30 Min's from her house. It's about a 4 hour drive, with kids.

And !!! The All the good Frigging concerts and Festivals and events happen on Saturday and Sunday! I wont be able to go to Lilac Festival this year. And If I do get tickets to the Calgary Folk Music Festival I wont be able to go till 4pm. Which will probably be OK because then I still have 6 hours of Fest left to enjoy! But what a crappy shift! Granted it was my choice but my option was to work Mon - Friday 4 pm - midnight having Saturday and Sunday off with family but no week nights at all. Or Mon, Tues, Wed, 4 - 12, Thurs, Friday off, Sat Sun Day 8 am - 4 pm. This way I have two weeknights and the evenings on weekends off. I think I see the family more this way but I sure don't get to do a whole lot on the weekends.

One good thing is that I have had some of my requested Vacation days Approved. I have Wednesday July 1st off for Canada day and then the Thursday, Friday as usual. I put in for VA days on the Sat Sun so I have a 5 day weekend in July! WOOT! Now to figure out what to do for that 5 days.

I did request 2 Days off in August for the 8th and 9th so that the family and I can join Up's and Down's at the Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch (Previously Called the No Ka Oi Ranch). This is a special Equestrian Summer camp where we get to sleep in TEE-PEE's ! "The Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch is a recreational facility designed to provide a FREE outdoor experience for children with life challenges" That's gonna be super cool. So far, it's our one family vacation this summer that we are all looking forward to, and by We I mean ME! There is a lake, a swimming hole, a fishing hole, Hiking trails, Horses for the kids, Teepee's for sleeping in, Sport's field, wagon rides, playground. Man, I'm glad I have kids. I would never be able to go back and do all this cool stuff if I didn't. Can you imagine Dave and I going off to summer camp for the weekend and playing on the playground and riding horses by our selves! LOL

oooo! Folkfest will be fun.. I just finished talking to Dee and she wants to come with Bean and I. May 14th is when they announce the official line up and the early bird tickets go on sale. I will keep you posted about who the headliner is this year. If you are interested in joining The Bean, Dee and Myself at this years folkfest let me know! Can't sneak any Red Wine in this year though. Gawd I'm a lush. Constantly lamenting the fact that I can't drink! LOL

One cool thing is that Hunter will be big enough to enjoy the kiddie pool this year. Last year I took him to Riley park with Sam and Beany was just so tiny. He couldn't even sit up so I just floated him around in the shade on an air mattress and splashed him once in a while. This year he will have a blast at the kiddie pool so that's something I can look forward to doing on Thursday's and Friday's. Daddy bought Bean a little shaded kiddie pool for the backyard which will come in handy for those hot days when I'm feeling too fat and lazy to take 3 buses to the park! LOL I <3 Daddy! He's a smart man. And I bought Hunter Boy a fancy schmancy Lil Sunscreen swimming outfit to keep him from being sun burnted! So I think we are all set for Summer! If Only I had more time for Camping! /cry!


Kerry! Hi! Lets Plan a Camping Weekend for July 1 - 5 TH! Dave can't say no to his big sister! That's Sacrilage!

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