Saturday, February 7, 2009

21 Things about Mr. Sam

Sam with the Bean in my beat up Tommy Bahama Hat
Camping, May Long Weekend, Wasa Lake

Sam's 11tyith Birthday!
He looks so handsome in this picture!

My boys in the Hammock
August 2008, Camping, Fort Mcleod, Daisy May Campground

Sam's multiple personalities shining through!
Both pics camping, Aug 2008, Daisy May Camp Ground

The above pics says "Don't Even Look At Me!"
But I know that face and one word from dad could make him burst into laughter.
Take note of the Camo!


1) Samuel is 11, SNAKE EYES! He turns 12 in May!

2) Sam lives with us in Calgary and every other weekend he spends with his Momma in Rocky Mountain House.

3) Mr. Sam Loves to read! I have never met an 11 year old boy who reads as much as he does and we are extremely proud of him.

4) Samuel is my step son but I consider him my real son.

5) Sam's fave food is spaghetti, I think, at least his most common favorite food is Spaghetti.

6) Sam's fave books are the Warriors series. They are about warrior cat clans.

7) His newest addiction, otherwise known as a video game, is Spore. I don't want to say too much about Spore because most likely I will be way off, but it's a game where you create creatures and then they evolve. There is really no end to the crazy creature combinations.

8) Sam is always very caring and helpful, especially when someone is feeling crummy.

9) He always makes me tea when I am sad.

10) He has 2 lil brothers, Hunter is his brother from another mother, and Casey who is a half brother on his mothers side. LOL If that makes sense.

11) Sam helps us every day with the unloading the dishwasher and every week with the garbages.

12) He hates brown beans!

13) He loves camo.

14) He is amazingly independent.
When we are in the mall or grocery store and he can not find us he never panics, he just looks for us. Last year, during the Canada festivities I suggested we go get ice cream and Sam misunderstood me and thought I told him to go get the ice cream. There were probably 10 - 15 thousand people in the park and Sam had never been there before. Off he ran with the money, through the crowds, right back to the Market place where he bought us two ice cream cones. Meanwhile, I'm chasing behind him with a stroller, trying to push past all the people, completely unsuccessful. Slowly he disappeared from my sight and I was completely freaking out thinking, OMG he has no idea where he is going or how to find me!!! I called Dave. I lost your child! AHH what do I do? He said, "Wait there, or go back to where you guys were sitting, if he doesn't show up then get security to help you." I turn around and there is Sam with the biggest grin on his face and two mitts full of ice cream, prouder than a Peacock. I'm practically in tears and of course my first thought is WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING!?!?! I was so scared while he was gone. I still feel bad because I made him cry, he didn't mean to run off on me, he was just so happy to be getting ice cream for us. We manged to get over it and enjoy the rest of the festival without any further trauma. But how independent of him to head off through the crowds, fearlessly set on an ice cream cone and showing me he could do it all on his own! <3

15) Which reminds me, Sam is very very smart and capable but he is 11! Soooo, basically if he doesn't HAVE to do it, he most likely WONT do it... Ie cutting his nails! LOL

16) Sam really loves cats and has quite the relationship with Punkin.

17) He makes a mean banana bread!

18) His favorite TV show is Daily Planet.

19) He is a really good swimmer.

20) He has the weirdest memory. He can't remember things that he did TODAY, but often he can remember the most odd ball things from like 2 years ago.

21) He helps me make up crazy songs to sing to the Bean all the time. Or he knows all the words to songs, like Bob the builder, that I don't know and he helps me remember them.

Hi Mr. SamRam! I love you!

Underwear Sockman! Underwear Sockman!

Lastly, Sam takes some really cool pictures so I think I will start a Sam Stuff Saturday. Remind me to post a few of his pic when I get home.

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