Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Knitting FTW

I don't know why I never picked it up years ago. I have always been a really crafty person. I have probably made over 1000 hemp necklaces in my life. I love beads and hemp, charms and yarns but knitting has always kind of seemed like an old lady craft. I had no idea the fun I could have. It's a wicked creative outlet. Now that I know a little bit about knitting I actually NOTICE yarns when I go shopping. I see cool socks and gloves and hope I will be able to make such cool patterns eventually! Oh exciting! I'll have to take a pic of my newest project and keep you posted. Additionally I will have to learn to knit more than just scarves. I would be the world's most boring knitter if I can't knit "in the round". LOL If anyone is a knitter and can share any tips, tricks or patterns let me know!!! I hope to master the art!

Here is a cool Knitting blog for those of you who are interested! My momma suggested it!
I also tend to stop in to when I'm stuck on something and need a few pointers or help.

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Chveya said...

I like that name, Yarn Harlot, I like to refer to myself as a Gem Whore. I have a pattern I'll share with you. I don't even knit but I bought the pattern hoping that my mom would make it for me. I'll email it to you. Let me know what you think.