Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Toy!

I bought a new computer last night and I'm Thrilled!

Its absolutely fab. My last one, which has since been handed down to Mr. Sam, was agonizingly slow and impossible to deal with. I have an exceptionally fast computer at work which I use to do about 45 things at once. I have COPIOUS programs running, two monitors, email, and all sorts of work related documents open and any given time, so returning home and waiting 2 minutes to load one web page was making me INSANE! I refused to do any blogging at home because I just couldn't handle the load times. NOW~ Tada! I have a super fast machine and a 22inch wide screen HDMI capable monitor, which I can turn 90 degrees and have a 22 in TALL monitor if need be. This is making my life that much easier. I will be able to upload a lot more Pics and Videos to the blog. Patience is a virture but I'm not all the virtuous! Now! Who needs patience! lol.

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