Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sun, Surf , Sand and Salsa

I am pretty sure I have Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I am a miserable cur most of the winter, I absolutely abhor the cold weather and refuse to go outside and I'm predominantly depressed most of the winter. I always have a deep longing for anywhere south, where the sun is always shining and it's never less than 20C.

So I want to move somewhere hot and sunny! It's something I h
ave wanted for I can't even remember how long. I recall once when I was probably about 20 or so, my brother Eric and I wanted to take the Scubaroo (It was a Subaru with a Scooby Sticker in the window) and pack up and drive the Baja. We were just gonna leave. I don't know if we were even going to leave a note. In fact, I don't think we were because we wanted a head start and we didn't want to have the cops called before we hit the boarder. We figured that Mom or Jimmy would call the Scubaroo in as a stolen vehicle. We were totally willing to take our Lil Brother Andrew with us but he was crying and so we never did go. Even before this I have had dreams (read; Pipe dreams) of moving to Baja California. Owning a cute, quaint little clay house. Raising my children in the sun and teaching them Spanish. Sending them out to play in the mangroves or on the beach.

I want to live in Baja California, in the tiniest little town where a person has one choice or grocery store, beer store, pub, restaurant, or doctor. Where you have to drive for an hour to get to a city that has a grocery store big enough to carry radishes.

It is 26.11C in Todos Santos, Baja California right now.

This house is for Sale right now.

I have absolutely fallen in love ! ! !

/Sigh At least that killed some time here at work. I think I like it the most because it looks the most like a real, comfortable, cozy family home. With the dog laying in the driveway out front.
Anyone care to join me in Todos Santos ?

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