Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm terribly blah today and have had no motivation to write anything. I have spent most of the morning reading blogs and searching for widgets that I like but... Epic Fail.

I wanted to put a nice gadget or widget on my blog that listed books I am reading but I can't seem to find one. Can anyone help?

I also wanted a nice little guest book for all you Non-Commentors and Lurkers. I couldn't find a decent yet simple guest book so I got a Shoutbox. It's on the left for those of you who just wanna say Hi! I call it The Delurker!

Today is just a seriously blah day. I'm not interested in eating because I'm feeling way too disgustingly obese. I am at work and I really have no one to talk to and I swear my mouth is dry from not actually talking to anyone in over 2 hours. D calls once in a while but he is off to get Mr. Sam today and I can't keep him on the phone all day. It's days like these where things are very slow that it feels like my brain is melting. With absolutely nothing to do and no motivation. The knitting isn't going all that well and I tend to just fray and ruin the practice yarn so I'm not confident enough to actually start on a project. But even if I had something that I needed to do it probably wouldn't get done today. Just that lazy and unmotivated.

I'm really happy to back at work. I'm contributing financially, getting some time to myself and feeling as though I have an outside life that is not kid related. But I really don't like anyone I work with for the exception of Becky. She and I seem to get along pretty well. We have a similar personality and sense of humor. She is very funny and seems to deal with bullshit fairly well. However, there are a few people who have been working in this department, on the same shift for so long and I feel like I am a speed bump in their regular work routine. I never thought that men were the catty, talk-about-you-behind-your-back type, but I am apparently wrong. Some people don't do well with change. Some people have personality clashes. This is obviously something I am going to have to re-accustom myself to. I forgot what it's like to work in an office environment. I was briefly working in construction and totally loved the upfront conflict resolution that tradespeople possess. I have a problem and I'm gonna tell you (probably very loudly and boisterously with a flourish of swear words) what it is and you are gonna tell me how you feel in the same, if not more boisterous, tone. Then when we have all the yelling off our chests we will find a solution and solve the problem. No grudge. No backstabbing. No bullshit. Just conflict resolution. This seems to be a man thing.
The office way of dealing with things it to; firstly, email your two or three closest colleagues and bitch about it; secondly, in your email you must completely exaggerate the issue; thirdly, don't actually confront the issue or the person who has caused said issue. You must not talk openly or honestly to resolve the issue. This would eliminate the problem and hence, give you nothing further to talk about. You must also align yourself with as many people who share similarities with you. The more friends you have the more people you will have on your side in the event of a conflict. Also, you will have more people to bitch at and respond to your emails. If you are extra special you will include your boss in your catty, bitchy emails. It's like Survivor! They should do an Inter-Office Survivor. Now that would be dramatic reality TV at its finest. And lastly, do not help any newbs out! This will make them more efficient and better at their jobs and the last thing you need is competition. Try to make sure that the newbs look as completely stunned as possible, this way you will ensure your place on the boss's Pet List. This may mean sending a few "tattle-tale" emails but it's worth it in the end when you are still the boss's favorite.

Bah! I do my best to remove myself from the Office Drama. Usually I stick my face in a blog or a book and just ignore the nonsense. LOL Or work! I will also do my work to keep busy! I do actually work now and then.

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