Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Knit one, Purl two!

Say What!?

I feel like an old lady today. I have been working since the beginning of January and pretty much every night since I started I have gone home with a headache, sore neck and sore eyes. Chelly suggested that I ask the maintenance crew to take the florescent lights down from over my desk area because the flickering can cause eye strain, but when I got to work I realized I don't actually have any lights above my desk so that can't be the problem. So I figure it's probably an eye site issue. I have to use a lot of programs with small numbers and I have been finding glitches with my eyes lately that I can't really explain. Nothing seems blurry but there are moments where I think I see things that aren't really there. So I decided to try to lessen the strain tonight by using the Microsoft Desktop Magnifier. I put it on one of my monitors and it magnifies the area around my mouse. I am basically using the mouse on the left monitor but actually LOOKING at the monitor on the right. Kinda funky. Seems to be a bit better so far. I usually would have a bad headache by 9 pm.

AND! Chelly turned me on to knitting last time she came to my house to visit. We went to Michael's where she picked out some new wool and I bought a pair of needles. When we went back to my house I brought out my granny's old wool and she showed me the very basics. I have been practicing for the last month or so and I really like the progress but boy do I suck at it. I have always been fairly crafty with hemp, beads, jewelry and the like but I have never picked up knitting or crochet. So far, I like it but it can give you one hell of a hand cramp.

Well here I am, sitting at work, KNITTING, PURLING, with this HUGE old lady magnifier on my monitor because I can't see anything and all I can thinks is "OMG I'M OOOOOLLLLDDDDDD!"

Needless to say, I have made an appointment for the optometrist for next Friday.

I feel like I spend half my life either booking or attending appointments.

*Beany Eye doctor this Monday
*My eye appointment next Friday
*Shaunee (Respiratory Therapist) comes some time this month but damned if I can remember when and I forgot to put it on the calendar
*RSV shot on the 16 (which is actually family day)
*D and Mr. Sam went to the Pedi today!
*Shirley the OT comes I think on the 21st,
*March 5 is the Sleep study
*Every second Friday is the DS Drop in clinic
*At some point I have to call Deb at Medigas and pay for the CPAP machine!

And I actually have to work 5 days a week!

I had no clue that being a mom meant 4 million appointments! I knew as kids get older they like to do sports and activities and the like but I wasn't expecting all these doctors and therapists... Mind you I wasn't expecting Beany to have Down Syndrome but I can adjust. I wouldn't have it any other way! How does that saying go? Idle hands are the devils play things? I'm too busy on my days off to be idle! I'm so blessed to have this job!! LOL

Yay for Blogging and Knitting!


Pam said...

Maybe what you need is just a pair of cheap drugstore reading glasses. Go to London Drugs and do the little eye test and see if you need them.

Pam said...

Oh -- and you are getting old!

cortina said...
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cortina said...

your "bean" is adorable! i'm so amazed that your are his mom AND you work full-time. you're hard core! good luck with the knitting...i live in norway where EVERYONE is an expert knitter. needless to say, i have the yarn and needles but have yet to break them out! will say that they appointments get lighter as "milestones" are reached. which means you'll have moments just to enjoy the bean and not think constantly about what he is doing so that you can report back to a doctor or therapist! xoxo