Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sleepy Sundy provides me with the time for Another 21 Things post!

21 Things I can't live without! (In no particular order)

1) Hunter AKA The Bean
2) Evad! Aka Dave Aka D
3) Earl Grey Tea
4) Nachos with salsa and sour cream
5) Red Wine
6) Tweak (My 3 Legged Lil Girl)
7) World Of Warcraft!
8) Ani Difranco
9) My Momma AKA Nana!
10) Sweet Sassy Molassy
11) Hot Wings
12) BEER!
13) Camping
14 Swimming
15) Campfires
16) The internet
17) My cellphone
18) Books
19 ) Zombie Movies
20) My computer
21) Popcorn

21 Things about me!

1) I have 5 tattoos
2) I have a freckle on the bottom of my foot and one in the iris of ONE of my eyes!
3) I have 2 cats and 1 fish
4) I am addicted to Warcraft
5) I get nauseous at the THOUGHT of artificial cherry, LET ALONE the smell of it.
6) I used to be Skinny... Once, I think
7) I HATE cleaning
8) I love swimming, water, baths, water, lakes, oceans, water, rivers, water...
9) I am a total concert junky and love all sorts of festivals, shows and concerts...
10) I want a puppy!
11) I want more babies!
12) I think I'm a bad parent most of the time because I have no idea what I am doing
13) I secretly have always wanted to be the Madam of a posh Brothel
14) I want to take my family on an amazing vacation to Mexico
15) I wish that Canada wasn't so COLD, but I love it here!
16) I am a die hard patriotic Canadian and love anything and everything Canadian
17) I want more tattoos but they aren't exactly a financial necessity
18) I want to lose weight but something is holding me back, I think it's the snow
19) I want my drivers license but I think, secretly, I'm scared
20) I think I'm a terrible GF and I'm really hard on my self
21) I wish I could be Super Mom. Smart, Skinny, Sexy, Stylish and every but the perfect mother with a drivers license, money to spend on my kids and the energy to do everthing. EPIC FAIL!


Chveya said...

After reading your 21 things and 21 things I am actually a bit freaked out by the amount of things we have in common. I knew there were some things that made us friends in the first place, but geesh! It's like we share part of the same brain. Yikes!

Ssejors said...

LOL Which things are those?
now im curious to know how alike we are.