Monday, February 23, 2009

Speaking of Adoption

I am Linking to Bethany's Blog today to help her help some friends.

Bethany is one of the most amazing women. She is a full time mommy to three lil ones, a full time blogger and a full time friend. She adopted one of her daughters, Addison aka Nika, from Russia. Nika has Down Syndrome and Bethany has become quite the advocate and friend to families who are also in the process of adopting from overseas. But if you have ever looked into Overseas adoptions you may know that financially, it's a huge expense.
These wonderful children are well worth every penny that it costs to have them adopted into a loving and happy home, but 30,000$ can be difficult to come up with.

In less than one week, two more kids in Eastern Europe will be one step closer to being rescued by their forever families. Bethany has posted links to help these families financially as there are still some expenses. If your family can spare a little to help these children find their way home what a huge impact it will make.

This is Timur and you can see his family blog Here

And this is little Reece and you can see her family Blog Here.

Not everyone can afford to adopt, Let ALONE, adopt from overseas. I certainly would not be in any position financially to adopt at this time but I can certainly make a small donation and I know how much it will help. These families are so full of love and can't wait to bring these children into their lives at any cost, even in such times of economic crisis.

You can also Donate directly through these links at Reece's Rainbow which I have mentioned before.

Here is the Link to Donate to Timur's Home coming.
Here is the link to Donate to Reece's Home coming.

YAY! I'm just so happy to know that two more babies will have real homes, families and futures! I can't take on such a mission but I can certainly help them with theirs!

Please help!
<3 Ssejors

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