Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chomping bean!

Lil Baby Bitee Bean!


It was coming through while Nana was here and that was when we first discovered it pushing through his lil gums, but it has finally arrived.

I would love to preserve this moment by taking a picture of the tiny lil beast peeking its sharp lil head out, but alas and alack, it is such a tiny lil tooth and good luck getting the Teeny Beany to sit through a picture of the inside of his mouth!

Another update of the Bean.

This Tuesday we have an Eye Appointment and the Alberta Children's Hospital. We have been waiting a few months to get him in to see (ha ha) the Eye Doc. He has a tendency to be a lil cross eyed at times and it seems that his left eye tends to be a lil more crossed than the right. I'm hoping that the Eye Doc can help us out with this. I know that if he needs lil tiny glasses he will be THE most awesomely cute child ever! I think that would just be fantastic. I don't WANT him to have glasses. I would rather his eye sight be prefect, but if he needs glasses I wont complain.

Then we have an over night sleep study at the Children's in March. We get to spend the night in the hospital, Bean with hoses and machines hooked all up to him, recording his oxygen levels. I'm not really looking forward to sleeping in the hospital but it's for the best. This way we will get a better idea as to Beanies needs and how best to cope with his sleep apnea.

The sleep apnea is becoming a bit of a pain for him I think. Poor lil guy has been waking up alot lately. I think part of that had to do with the tooth coming through and a slight cold that he had which was making him all stuffed up and runny nosed. The cold has cleared and the tooth has surfaced and he is not waking up every two hours any more but I can tell he is still having issues with the apnea. I wish I could make it better. It's so nerve racking to know you lil boy stops breathing in the middle of the night.

Hopefully we will get him to cooperate with the CPAP machine here soon and he can start wearing it at night. That would make me alot happier.

I will update soon about the eye Doc appointment.


rickismom said...

Good that you are taking care of the apnea. It can drain a child of much-needed sleep, which can effect both behavior and learning.

My daughter (who is now 14 years old) got glasses at age 2. I found that the often-suggested idea to put elastic on the back of the glasses tyo keep them on did not work; she simply pulled stronger, and risked breaking the glasses.
Instead, for one month I watched her every move, and when the glasses flew off, they got replaced immediately. After about a month it went. Nevertheless, until she got older (about 8 or 9), I found it adventages to buy 2 pairs each year: one to wear and one to search for. Saved a lot of hysterics when she needed to go somewhere and the glasses were missing.

Ssejors said...

Ohh hey! good thinking with the two pairs of glasses!

Thanks for your suggestion and for reading my blog! :D