Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today Nana went home. *Sob* *Cry* *Sniff*

We love it when Nana comes to visit for a few reasons. First and foremost the Bean Adores! her and just lights up when he is with her. What a great and fabulous week he had, spending his days with her. D and I also had a bit of spare time this week which was great! Nana however, worked her buns off. She was feeding, clean, bathing, playing and constantly attending to the Bean's every whim. Not only was she spoiling the Bean but she can keep a kitchen clean, make dinner and do laundry WHILE taking care of the Bean, which doesn't make me look like a super mom. Mind you, she does have 30 more years of child rearing under her belt. Again, I hope to be half the woman that my mother is by the time I am her age. I am sad that she doesn't live in town, being a 12 hour drive away is hard on her I'm sure. The Hunter Bean is so damn adorable that it must be agony being so far away :P! But Nana and Granddad will be back in April for Bean's Big Day! He turns 1 on April 2ND! We shall have a spectacular To do!

Back to Nana!

Nana has a kick ass Camera! She took a TONNE of pics of the Hunter Bean while she was here and uploaded them on to my computer. I'm at work right now so sadly I can't upload any pics at the moment but I will as soon as I get home, or first thing in the morning. There are some Fabulous pictures of him! He is looking more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. Everyday I see so many new things in his face, his eyes, his new adventurous personality. I am constantly in awe! Extra special is that fact that he looks so much like his Daddy so he will just get more and more handsome as he gets older!

So Cheers to Nana!

Thank you for making us Turkey Dinner and Curry!

Thank you for taking care of our Lil Bean!

Thank you for taking care of all our laundry!

Thank you for helping us around the house with all those things you didn't need to do!

Thank you for hand washing the baby bottles even though we don't!

Thank you for tolerating the cat snoring in your bed!

Thank you for putting up with us for a week!

Thank you for being a Great and Wonderful Mother and Nana!

~~ I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. ~ Author Unknown

Which reminds me. I have decided to start a new weekly post. I have noticed that a lot of people have Wordless Wednesdays, which is a great idea that I might steal. I would like to start a Thankful Thursday Post to hopefully keep me grounded and grateful. Not often enough do people stop and reflect on what they are thankful for, instead, focusing on problems. SOOOoo...
I vow to post more often - Check!
I vow to take more pictures - Check!
I vow to express my gratitude - In the process!

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