Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I See Bean See!

My Post Titles are So silly!


We went to the Alberta Children's Hospital today to have Hunter Bean's eyes checked. He followed the lady and her fancy pen light, showed her his pretty blue, albeit, crossed eyes, and I'm sure made her day with his charming smile. We were lucky too. D said he would meet us there at 2:45 after our appointment but he showed up early and spied us having a hot dog in the cafeteria. We were excited to see him. Seeing Daddy is always exciting and watching Beany's face light up when he sees D is so great! Not only did we get extra time with Daddy but our appointment that was supposed to be an hour long turned out to only take 15 mins and we were able to go to the mall and have a coffee with him before I had to rush off to work, so that was a nice surprise. We have a follow up appointment on Feb 6th to see the actual Ophthalmologist. Today was just an assessment to see how soon he needed to see the Doctor I suppose.

We are very fortunate to have such a beautiful hospital to take him to. His eye doctor, the Down Syndrome Clinic, the RSV Clinic and the baby massage classes are all at the ACH (Alberta Children's Hospital) and it's an absolutely beautiful hospital. It's a very warm, colorful and enjoyable place to take your children and I always look forward to our appointments there even though it is 2 hour / 3 bus ride for us from home.

Every other Friday we have a drop in at the Down Syndrome Clinic where Hunter Bean gets to see his Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, Growth and Development Specialists, Speech Pathologists, etc, etc, etc. I'm always so proud to take him and the ladies there just adore him.

Ha, We were looking at his lil tooth today and it's the furthest thing from straight! Which is just terrific because I went through the whole braces, bionator, head gear, retainer thing and wow how it sucked. So I reallllllly reallllllly hope that his teeth are nice and straight and not like mommy or daddy's! Arg! Ce la Vie! It is what it is.

Regardless of glasses or braces, he will be a handsome boy. His brother Samuel is a good looking kid and will be a real ladies man when he gets to be a teenager. I'm sure we will have all kinds of girls calling the house for Sam. :D If only he would listen to us when we tell him that girls don't have cooties, that they are actually pretty cool.

We are slowly teaching him how to cook so that he will be able to impress all his GF's to come. So far he has mastered Oven baked Pizza (Delicio), Itchiban (Ramon noodles), Canned soups, Nachos baked with cheese in the oven, and he manages the Microwave quite well. AND BOY OH BOY can he and his Dad make a KICK ASS Banana Bread! I'm very proud of how Sam's cooking skills have come along since he moved in with us. He was not really interested in learning to cook and was nervous even opening the oven, but now he shows signs of confidence. He makes his own lunches, whips up bowls of oatmeal in the morning for breaky, has made macaroni a few times for himself. WOOT! He'll have bachelor food mastered by his 12th birthday and we will be able to start teaching him the finer things like the BBQ this summer! Wont that be great, D and S out on the deck, Bean crawling around in the grass, steaks on the BBQ, corn on the cob, potatoe salad and a beautiful summer evening! I'm looking forward to it already.

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