Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bean Sprout!

Just a few Pics to show you how fast the Bean is Sprouting!

This first pic is one of the very first pics ever taken of my lil Bean! Daddy took it on his Cellphone and we sent it to Nana and Granddad right away. Here is a picture from a few hours after he was born. I still have the IV's in my arm so it's still the 2nd of April. His BIRTHday! This picture makes me want to cry. What an overwhelming day.

This is a bunny made by one of my momma's quilting friends named Patrushka. This bunny is wonderful. He is so soft and made of a sort of terry towel. Also, he doesn't have any eyes so I will never have to worry about sewing any back on. We use the bunny to show how big Beany is getting!
This picture is from May 12 or so, 2008.

Here is another picture with Patrushka's Bunny! This one was taken in July, 2008.

And Here! The Bean Sprout in January, 2009!

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