Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Summer Time And The Living's Easy

UHG! So my last post reminds me of the holiday trailer! What to do? What to do?

So this is our DUTCH SWINGER! And I don't know what to do with it. I absolutely love the swinger. It was purchased in 1973 by my grandparents for roughly 2000$ and has been handed down through the family and has wound up in our hands. It's never had bugs, mold, or rodents. It's in mint condition considering it's age. The stove, fridge, furnace, sink and electrical all still work perfectly. There are tons of little cupboards and closets and drawers for storing all our dishes, utensils, pots, pans, books, games, toys, linens, towels food, beer (can't forget beer) and any other useful or useless goods we decide to drag along with us on week long camping trips. It's Ugly! I'll give you that. And it weighs more than our truck (see diagram 2.0).

(To be read in a really whiny temper tantrum-y sorta voice).

There is a nice lil bunk bed for Sam that he loves snuggling into, kind of like his own private penthouse. The lower double bed is uncomfortable compared to our queen at home but I would prefer that to sleeping on an air mattress on the ground ANY DAY! The kitchen table is great for cards or for entertaining. For crummy, rainy nights when eating at the picnic table just isn't pleasant. The storage alone keeps me sane the whole time we are camping. I hate storing things in Rubbermaid bins and duffel bags all weekend. Just knowing where everything is and having a proper place to put things make the whole domestic aspect that much easier. And to be able to boil a pot of water and wash dishes at a proper sink is really nice especially when you are cooking and cleaning for four people. The security is nice when you have a baby. I don't have to worry about "What will we do if it starts raining?".

Well! The issue here is that D would rather sell the Swinger and get a nice tent so that we can do some more off the beaten path camping. Every time we take the Swinger out it's an event! The cost of gas last summer was frigging ridiculous and it was costing us upwards of 500$ for gas, camping site and extras every time we took it out. If we don't use the Swinger we don't necessarily need to stay in Official camp sites and we wont need to pay the stupid gas prices to haul it. As I said it weighs more than the truck and it's not cheap to pull!

Diagram 2.0

My Boys Camp in Style Yo!
This is a pic of the Bean May long weekend 2008. This was the weekend we picked up the Swinger and used it for the first time at Wasa Lake in BC. Beany is lounged out in the shade. It was a very hot weekend. He was about 6 weeks old here.

Ha ha! Sam took this picture below of the Bean's Belly button. I should do a post of some of Sam's better pics. He takes some really good pictures. He has a totally different perspective on things. I think this is partially due to the fact that he is 11 and still has an imagination! He He He.

And this is one of my fave pics ever! Sam holding his lil baby brother. They both look so peaceful and happy to be in one anothers arms!! /cry

The Lil Bean slept in a laundry basket that weekend. He was still so tiny and it was pretty cold at night, but the laundry basket was a perfect lil bed for him. Nice and cuddly and warm for him. See his Sleep Sheep! :D It makes white noise like a Mothers heart beat, Whales, The Ocean or Rain. Nice night time sleep pal.

All Snuggled up!
Ha ha! Momma and her Sleepy Bean!
Another Great Pic of Sam and His Lil Brother Bean!
DADDY and The BEAN! Laxing!! Look how big D is compared to the Lil Baby Beany!

So I really don't know what to do! Financially, it makes sense to get rid of the Swinger. I see D's point completely. It's not the most convenient beast of a trailer to haul around but I don't know if i want to give up the convenience that it affords us when it comes to storage, security and sleeping arrangements. I suppose I will have to make a decision before too long. I want to get started camping this May again! If only we had a nice newer holiday trailer that wasn't so god damn heavy and old! Perhaps D would be more willing to haul it around. I'll keep you posted.

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