Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ha most of you wont understand the title of this particular post!

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My blog layout! That's what this is all about!

I have just started this whole blogging thing and I must say, as you may we be able to tell by the number of posts I have and the rate at which I am constantly changing things around, that I am completely enjoying the whole blogging experience. Additionally, I find myself in love with a lot of other blogs as well. Some people have the most beautiful layouts, creatively designed headers, and fantastic fonts. Some folks have fascinating slide shows and videos, while others like to keep is simple and merely have a wicked cool knack for writing. Either way I just can't get enough. The stories of families, mothers like my self, new to all this, raising babies like my own, with similar soft almond eyes and drooly chins. The honesty and hilarity that some people pour out onto their pages! LOVE IT! But what's a girl to do when she just can't settle into her own lay out!

I know, I know! It's like raising kids. You get better at it with time. I expect that. Actually, this is like my breastfeeding stage of blogging. LOL! I gotta go through the uncomfortable and painful task of getting used to it before I can get really GOOD at it. Then, once I know where everything is (even in the dark), things should fall into place and fit a bit better. I also think the layout and theme/style of a persons blog take a little time to develop and mature. Do I like pink, is it realy for me, maybe not, hmmm, mauve seems like a good fit, nah! what about a blue? Teal? Is teal even a color?

I have also noticed that quite a few people have blog layouts and designs done for them professionally so everything looks very, well... professional and uniform and I really like that. I'm one of those anal - retentive people that will keep fixing and fiddling with things till they are perfect, which in turn just mucks things up!

So I'm not sure what to do at this point. I fear that if I spend too much time farting around, changing things like fonts, backgrounds, headers and columns that I will just ;

a) Irritate people who are trying to keep up with me (not that there are many, Hi Mom)
b) Make a mess of things
c) completely lose sight of the entire purpose of this blog
d) get bogged (read Blogged) down with the useless details and never actually find the shoe that fits

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to post them. I am interested in how people found the right fit or style that they are using now. Or are you another one of those people who is constantly rearranging the furniture, like myself?

For now I think I will just take it easy and let the blog mature in it's own time, much like my lil Bean Stalk!

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