Monday, June 15, 2009

Rolling Around In My Head

I spent a few hours tonight catching up on blogs that I read.

Hunty has an Occupational Therapist from the Alberta Children's Hospital who comes to see him every month like clock work, provided mommy remembers she is coming! Tsk Tsk!

Last month our OT mentioned that she was going to Halifax for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society's Annual Conference, and I wondered aloud to her if Dave Hingsburger would be there as a speaker, as he speaks at so many conferences and this would have been a fairly large one. I told S (our OT) who he was, what he was about and kind of described him.
Sure enough, when S came over this morning she mentioned that she did indeed see Dave at the conference. He was talking to a young man with Down Syndrome who was a self advocate. S mentioned that Dave had asked the young man if he could write about him in his blog, Rolling Around In My Head, nee Chewing the Fat.

I told S that I had been slacking off in the blog upkeep department lately. Not just the upkeep of my own blog, but also in the general keeping up with of blogs I enjoy reading.

I found the post that Dave wrote about the CDSS Conference and I would like to share it with you. I cried! I know, I'm a suck. Dave is an amazing writer and I love the way he sees life. Today was his 1001st blog post! I thank Dave Hingsburger for his wonderful blog that constantly keeps me coming back for more. He opens my eyes and helps me to see the world a little differently. He constantly reminds me that I am human, that life is funny, and that people are just people. He is a wonderful advocate for people with disabilities and a teacher to all who have disabilities or people who love someone with a disability. On top of all this, he is a fabulously funny Canadian!

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Dave Hingsburger said...

Wow, I love the orange tee shirt, thank you so much for this blog post about my work. I'm humbled by it.