Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Little Turtles New Necklace

This is a necklace I made for the Bean the other night. I have been collecting turtles in various forms for Hunter since before he was born. Pretty much everywhere I go, IE, the zoo, trips to Vancouver, any amusement/fun parks, or any kind of store that sells THINGS, I look for turtles for Hunter Bean. There was a beautiful zip up hoodie I wanted to get for him from Gymboree the other day but it was 25$ so i declined. I did however get a lovely UV protective shirt/surf short set for swimming. It has some perdy turtles on it in blues and whites. Ok, Back to the necklace. Once a year in Calgary we have Lilac Festival. It's basically a street festival that runs along 4th street. It is a lot of fun and there are always plenty of vendors, musicians, magicians, and FOOOOOD! NOMS! So, shhhh, but on my lunch break last Sunday, I ran, as fast as a pregnant woman can run, to the C - train, rode the train for 2 stops and hoofed my ass down to Lilac Festival to get Hunter a Turtle. I got my own Turtle a few years back when I first attended Lilac Festival with Jef. My Soul intent of the jaunt down to 4th street was to get this little wee hand blown glass turtle. I came back with a few other odds and ends. More specifically, I got Hunter a cowboy hat that actually fits, which is awesome because I have been looking for one for him since he was born, but I guess half gallon cowboy hats are rare. Success tho! I also managed to make it back to work with a bag of Kettle corn and a bag of cotton candy. :D he he he. That is also where I got the Head Snuggler for the car seat. Oooh and i got three pairs of wood/coconut earrings for my self! Almost forgot about me! So that's the story of Bean's new necklace. Made especially for him by hand AND foot, by his dear old mother!

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