Saturday, June 20, 2009


This morning when I got up to head off to work, I went downstairs to find Bean and Daddy hanging out in the living room. They had been up since 5! UGH!

For the last few weeks we have been working on getting Hunty to take some independent steps, or to just stand on his own. He is doing FanFrigginTastic! Yesterday in the garden he was pushing HIMSELF to a full stand from a crouching position and then standing for a while all on his own. He is getting REALLY good at this.

WELL! This morning Daddy held out his fingers for the Beany to hold on to and turned him toward me so that he could go greet his Mommy! Dave let go with his fingers and HUNTY TOOK THREE STEPS TO HIS MOMMY ALL BY HIM SELF!!! I was so excited! I wanted to call Nana right away but I had to wait as it was only 6 am in Nanaworld. So I called her at 7 am Nanaworld time! LOL I just couldn't wait to tell her! This kid will be walking in a month!

I have 12 days off starting June 26 - July 7th. Daddy, Mr Sam, Hunty and my self, are going to Great G & G's for a few days next weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and possibly Monday if D takes the day off. We will get to do some relaxing, possibly some horse back riding, definitely some pool swimming, possibly some wiener roasting! I'm excited! Mind you I'm easily excited. But to top off this fabulous time away from home, Nana will be arriving on Monday night and Nana, Beany and I will spend some time doing some touristy things in and around the Cranbrook area. Then she will come back here to Calgary with us for a few days. I intend to change as few diapers as possible that week! WOOT!

Even D is looking forward to seeing Nana. He is actually quite sad that Nana wont make it for the beginning of our Cranbrook stay. She has a quilting engagement that she has to attend on Saturday, therefore she wont be able to drive the 14 hours to Cranbrook till Monday. I don't blame her. But this seems to sadden David. I think he really likes having a Momma, even if she is my Momma. I think the most important think for him is that Hunty has a Nana, as Samuel didn't get to have his Nana around for as long. :( Plus,my mother isn't like your typical Mother-In- Law Monster like some. She's fairly chill. Her only down fall is she is always right, but being my mother, I find this hard to accept, AND, She is a Grandbaby Mollycoddler! Hunter goes into withdrawal for a week after she goes homes from a visit with him.

"What do you mean no one wants to hold me?! Why isn't anyone picking me up!? I Grunted!! Where's Nana!!?"

We will have to get some more pics of Beany with Nana. This is the best one I have and I have posted it before. I also don't really have any pics of ME with the Bean, so I should get some of those too. Yay!

I was thinking the other day how ironic this trip to Cranbrook is. I was born and raised in Cranbrook until I was 13. When we moved to Vancouver it was the happiest day EVER! Finally some culture! And then for all of my teen years and a good portion of my twenties, I pretty much abhorred Cranbrook. It was a stinky, small town that had no class, no culture, no colour and nothing of interest for a young woman who wanted to experience the world. The irony is, now that I am 31 and have Hunter and a new baby on the way, Cranbrook is like this Ideal Vacation Get Away Spot.

Great G & G will be there. I wont have to do a bunch of packing, cleaning, cooking, spending of money. There is a pool on the family property, a nice fire pit, lots and friends and family to visit with, and it will be really warm and quite. I can go for a walk with Hunter and not have to deal with traffic. We can hop on a bus and go for ice cream and it will only take 30 minutes. We can go up to the lake and have a wiener roast and do some swimming and it doesn't have to be an all day event. There are cousins and kids for Sam to hang out with, Great Gram makes the best meals I have ever eaten, they are always the same, and ALWAYS exactly what a person needs on vacation. Homemade potato salad! Buttery Pancakes swirling through the house, waking me up with the scent of Fresh Syrup! OI! Walking 1/2 a block to the family pool knowing that we wont be late for lunch! Knowing there is no one I don't know staring at my pregnant belly in the pool! Even D feels more comfortable going for a swim there.

As you can see I am very excited. I probably wont have time to upload any pictures when I'm there. Although I will take a bunch. Actually, if I find time I will upload a bunch of pics to Great G's computer so that she can have copies, so if I can squeeze in time for a blog post as well I will. We leave on Friday afternoon next week. I have my 18 week Ultra sound that morning as well. So there will be a lot of catching up to do when I get back!

YAY! Vacation FTW!


Adrienne said...

Wow, that's wonderful that he's already taking steps!! Anything special that you've been working on with him or has he always been good with meeting his milestones??

Mary said...

Super exciting! I bet it doesn't take him a whole month before he is going nonstop. So exciting and little scarey at the same time. Chasing a walking tiny person isn't always a ton a fun :-)