Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here is a list of things that I am hoping to post about in the near future. MOSTLY, I am writing this post as a proverbial kick in the balls. Hopefully everyone will read this smarmy post and it will motivate me to actually get my poop in a group. This is honestly, what happens when you get behind on this blogging thing.

1 - Lorelai and the Bean go to the Zoo (IN MAY)
2 - My hair
3 - Andrea's Perdy Special Delivery
4 - Bean laughing on the swings
5 - The two knitting projects I have on the go
6 - BBQ Saturday night
7 - Bean Rocking Out
8 - Our Nearly finished basement reno

UGH (I say that a lot)
If there is anything else that you know of that I have been meaning to post about for sometime now and haven't, please comment, because I seriously need to get this blog caught up!

OOOH I needs to take some more video of the Teeny Peeny Beany and his Near to walking Skills!



Mary said...

I don't want to add to your list but I do want to know more about that head thingy that you have for Bean's car seat. Riley's little neck still sags so much when he sleeps in the car which is a lot.

Where did you get such a thing or did you make it?

Mary said...

Ya nevermind I read your post again and followed the link. I guess I'm not so good at following directions.

Ssejors said...

OK! I think I caught up! Just one more post to go! And I saved the best for last!