Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mmm Dirt

I'm pretty sure Nana is gonna Love this post! And I'm pretty sure she will call me and tell me not to let her poor baby boy eat dirt, but if I recall correctly, ERIC was a big dirt eater as a kid.

So here is My perdy yard starting to look all colorful and bloomy!
Picture of Tweak in all her glory! Laxing (as SHE calls it) on the back deck, watching the goings on.

There's My boy, feet first in the muck!

And here I thought he was just innocently playing in the garden!

Obviously, I'm new to this motherhood thing!

^Best Picture Ever^

I gave him a bottle of water to wash down the dirt. He seemed to have a some in his mouth.

And what better way to clean a baby then a BABY POOL!


Chveya said...

lovelovelovelove!!! holy man is he ever a lovey dovey!

Andrea said...

LOL. Kids are meant to be dirty, aren't they?

Mary said...

Those are some of the best pictures ever!!! At least he was playing with an Activa container and not fertalizer :-)