Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Girls!

So! All this time spent blogging and I have never mentioned my Girls!
What A Bad Mommy I am!

Well, This is the Queen B of the house. B stands for Brat or... Bitch if you must know.
This is Tweak. She is an absolutely lovely beast. Truly. As much as Dave harps about her, she is a wonderful cat.
Tweaks full name is Princess Tweakinoke (Tweak E No Kee). She just turned 6 years old! She is a special cat to me for many reasons. We have been through a lot in those 6 years, living in many different houses, cities and even provinces. We have also been through a few BF's and even a Husband. No matter where I go or who I know, Tweak has been the one constant in my life for the last 6 + years. Strange but true.

She has an undying love and affection for me that is a little scary at times. She sleeps on her very own pillow which is above MY pillow on the bed. In the middle of the night I will feel her front paw pet my head, as though she is reaching out to make sure I'm still there. She follows me absolutely everywhere I go and will spend hours just sitting by my side. And I adore her in return. She is much like myself in some way I think. She loves to be outside in the sun or the grass. She has a bossy, full of entitlement kind of attitude that I tend towards, and she most certainly takes no shit from anyone. For those of you who have never met Tweaky and can't tell from the pictures, she has 3 legs. Tweak lost a leg in a fight with a pit bull. I know it probably wasn't the smartest move on her part, seeing as she lost, but she stood up to him and didn't back down. That's my girl!

One night in November or 2005 we had been whistling for her to come home. She has spent much of her life with dogs and learned pretty quick to come when I whistle. That night she wasn't coming. It was getting late and we were just finishing a movie and getting ready for bed. In Calgary, November is way too cold for a cat to sleep out side. Finally, she came hopping home. When she came into the house it was pretty dark and I had noticed the hopping right away. I thought I saw what looked like a pinecone or something stuck to her front left paw. It was snowy and slushy outside so my first thought was maybe a snowy or icy pinecone was stuck to her fur. I flicked on the lights in the living room and she darted to my bedroom and hid under the bed. That's when I noticed the one little red paw print leading to the bedroom. I immediately grabbed the cat carrier and cornered her under the bed and dragged her out gently. When I got her out I realized what had happened. She didn't have a pine cone stuck to her fur. It was her fur all balled up at the end of her paw. She had been degloved, as the Vet's call it. When the skin is stripped back off the paw as though it was a glove being removed. We rushed her off to the Emergency Vet clinic and they immediately informed us that the leg had to be removed as there was no way to save the tissue that had dried. So... Thanks to a wonderful father who paid for her 1600$ surgery, Tweak is still with me. And 3 legs or not, that cat still climbs fences, trees, catches birds and can defend her turf just like the rest of them.

Now, Funny story! But the legs was not Tweaks first trip to the emergency vet. Practically one year earlier, Tweaky had been pregnant and had a very unfortunate infection in her uterus which causes 2 still born kittens and another misadventure where in a kitten was having difficulty being birthed. So she was rushed off to the Emerge where the kitten was then removed, a C section was performed, 2 other kittens, both severely oxygen deprived, were removed and a Hysterectomy was performed. Good lord is right! That cost my Dear old Dad another 1600$ (though this actually happened first, as I noted).

So, we joke that Tweak is actually my dad's (Jim's) cat. He paid over 3200$ for her to pretty much save the poor girls life TWICE!

So Thank you Dad! For Saving my sweet Princess who is forever an undyingly loyal and loving companion in my life.

And then we have Punk. A.k.a. Punkin, A.k.a. Stupid.
Now, don't get me wrong here. This cat is absolutely GORGEOUS. She is one of the prettiest cats I have seen. She is a lovely Calico coloring with a nice solid white bib and a teeny tiny orange spot right under her chin. The insides of her ears are marbled and she is roughly 5 pounds soaking wet. She barely makes any noise and when she does it's the tiniest little mew you ever heard. I had a friend who used to call her Meeper because she just sort of Meeps! She rarely if ever sleeps on the bed, which is LOVELY when you already have one cat sleeping on your head. She is very aloof most days. I think that before Sam moved in with us full time, there were days when Dave and I didn't even see or hear her. After about 3 or 4 days I would finally say "Have you seen Punk this week?".

Ha ha What more could you ask for in a cat. Tiny, quiet, doesn't sleep on the bed, keeps to her self and doesn't demand attention. Well!

I'll tell you what I want! I want Punk to stop with the Frigging HAIR BALLS ALREADY! Tweak almost NEVER coughs up a hair ball, but with Punk it's nearly an every night occurrence. And she sure as shit doesn't do THAT quietly. She sounds like some kind of weird siren going off. I think she hates puking so she makes this awful sound as though she is winding up. It's totally scary to anyone who doesn't know her or isn't expecting it. She most commonly makes this sound at 3 a.m. while dropping a mine in the hallway where it is darkest. When Nana comes to visit, Punk seems to think that Nana is intruding on her space because Punk has claimed the Futon in the basement as her own. Then Nana shows up and she has to share. And Punk IS NOT above puking ON the bed while you are sleeping IN THE BED. I also have reports from Nana that Punk snores rather loudly.

As if that wasn't enough. Punk is brainless. Now, Sam has taken an extreme liking to Punkin. He has said before that he feels bad for her because we always say she is stupid and he doesn't want her to feel unloved so he showers her with extra love and attention for us being mean to her. We aren't mean to her, we just tease about Punk being stupid. This seems to hurt Sam's feelings as he seems to have bonded with her. But in all fairness, Punk is really very brainless. As my mother has so perfectly put it, you could move Punk to a new house and she wouldn't have the slightest idea that she had been moved. She wouldn't know that she had new people or the like. She would just make her self comfortable somewhere and carry on like usual. I think the reason for this is she was the runt. The lady I got her from said she was the pick of the litter. Then when she dropped punk off she mentioned that she was happy to have the last kitten adopted, so Punk was really the ANTI-pick of the litter I guess.

Ever since I have had Punky, and she is nearly 5 now, I have noticed that she is a little off in the intelligence department. She walks into things, falls off the back of the couch, trips over her own feet, chases things that aren't there and various WTF things that she does all the time. Plus, she has ONE speed. There is no fast unless she is in one of her Manic spastic fits where she is chasing shadows around the house for no good reason. She just walks at one, infinitely slow pace EVERYWHERE. You have to kick her out of your way at least twice a day because she is so slow. And really, where does she have to be? Why should she be rushing anywhere, I guess. But it's like she is on "smell the roses" mode all the time. I often wonder if the woman who gave her to me didn't smoke her up before I got her because she has the exact mentality of a stoner. Just.... Duuuh? Whaa?

LOL! And those are my Girls!


DeeBomb said...

LOL So I love tweaky she is so cute, though Punkin is adorable as well I had a cat like that, Her name was KiKi god she was dumb...Mayhap I shall make a post about mah kittehs/kids....yeah I should <3

Chveya said...

F*&% Jess! That poor puddy. And as for Punkin, all beauty no brains I guess. They are lucky to have such a mama as yourself.

Chveya said...
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Chelly said...

kiki <3

Chelly said...

blog update plox