Sunday, June 14, 2009

Knotty Girl!

I am currently in the process of Dreads. It's long and arduous! Trust me!

They don't look all that pretty now but they are coming along. I know there are lot of people who hate dreads but I like em. I have only had them since Mid April.

The tips and the roots are in constant need of maintenance!

Here are some Peyote Stitch Dread Sleeves that I made yesterday.

One is a gecko and the other is a butterfly.
I appologise for the shoddy pictures. I will have to get my mother to take some pics when she comes to visit for the summer. My camera does not have a fancy macro setting and the beads are very shiny so there is always glare.

This picture, Courtesy of David!


And there is my tummy. It's not that big yet, but it's plenty big enough!
I'm honestly surprised you can see it under those Guns!

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