Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue Bins FTW

Finally the City of Calgary get's it's shit together!

We got our blue bin today!

I'm so happy to finally have a curb side pick up for recycling! The first bins were delivered in April and the North East section of Calgary is FINALLY getting their bins this week. The bins are fabulously huge and fabulously blue! Nothing screams "I RECYCLE" like a giant blue bin full of cardboard and milk cartons on garbage day! Ironically, there are misers in Calgary that think the bins are "too big, and too blue".

Neighbours see red over

'gaudy' blue carts

Apparently, you can paint your cart, so long as the lid and the address are UNpainted. I say we have a fancy Blue Bin Paint Off, much like Kimberley and their stylish fire hydrants!
We'll show them the meaning of "Gaudy"!

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