Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Beasts Go To The Zoo

This was our trip to the Calgary Zoo!
In May, my girl friend Christine and I took the beasts to the Zoo.
You have met her daughter Lorelai before in one of my previous posts Here!
Ok, So here we all are in line to get tickets!
Don't the babes look so excited?

Bean is wearing a shirt care of Granddad here. It says "I do my own stunts"
The Rocking Jean Jacket is care of his Nana and Granddad for his 1st Birthday!

Here we have perdy Giraffes being fed.

They sure are tall!

This is a picture of the ugliest, meanest looking bird I have ever seen.
He just looks so GD Miserable!

And these are the baby Pumbas!
These are 3 little baby Warthogs that were running amok!
I had to snag a photo.

Then, as we headed outside we heard a crazy racket coming from a small bleacher area.
Here we found this beauty.
At the Calgary Zoo, the Peacocks just roam around freely. I am not sure if they can fly, or if their wings are clipped or if they even CARE to go anywhere else. When I was about 8 or so I went to the Calgary Zoo for the first time and I remember the Peacocks from that visit. They are all over the place, and when the boys are excited, WATCH OUT!

He showed us his backside.
Not as pretty!

Here are the kids standing at the bleachers watching the peacock and each other.

Here is a wee baby Giraffe!

Here she is again with an adult. She is quite little.
She was born at the zoo on July 29th, 2008.
HERE is a link to a video on Youtube where you can watch her being born.
If you like that kinda thing. It is pretty amazing.
The video is VERY obviously a birth so if you are easily queasy be careful.
What's amazing is that she is walking in mere minutes of coming out of here mothers womb!

Moving on!
We saw Lions!
They were very handsome, but I could have posted a video of them NEXT to a picture of them and you wouldn't be able to tell which was which.
Very uneventful!


These two make fine friends!

I love these four pics.
It clearly shows the difference between boys and girls.
Above we have Lorelai delicately eating her cheese sammich.
Munching away all sweet like. Picking bits of sammich off and putting them IN her mouth.

And here we have Bean!
Ripping and shredding his sammich to bits and jamming it into and AROUND his mouth area!
There is bread and cheese flying, drool is pooling under his lip! Sammich is sitting on his chest!
Nice work boy!

Baby Flamingo!

Much Mo Flamingos!

Lorelai with her Momma!

Dis a baby gorilla Sleeping all curled up in a ball, though you can probably BARELY tell.
I wasn't sure my self at first.

And this is it's beautiful momma.
She is chilling in a wheelbarrow bucket.
She was wide awake, watching the people come and go from the window.
When I got up close to her, she looked me right in the eyes and the shock it gave me was something else. I was so taken with her look, her intelligence, her emotion. She pressed her hand to the glass and was playing with her toes.
It was wonderful to watch her.

Wild Dogs!

We only very briefly took a jaunt through the Primate house.
Our trip was pretty short that day. I have bad sciatic nerve pain if I walk for too long and I had to work at 4 pm. The Calgary Zoo has much more in the way of exhibits and gardens than we had time to see. There is a stunning botanical garden, a butterfly sanctuary, a cool Nocturnal exhibit and a temporary Koala showing. There are lots of other outdoor areas as well but as I said we just didn't have much time that day.
David and I might take the kids this summer, perhaps when Nana comes to visit. I will be sure to take more pics then. I will have two more hands and much more patience. :D

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