Monday, March 23, 2009

William Watson Weekend

We had an absolutely AWESOME time this weekend at the William Watson Lodge in Kananaskis. This first picture is of Nakiska Ski Resort as we are just getting into Kananaskis.

Here we are getting closer to Nakiska.

Some beautiful mountains and a deer friend that was in the middle of the road licking salt.
He kindly moved over to let us pass.

YAY!!! We are almost there!

Finally in the cabin and the boys already want a nap.
This was Sam and Beans room.

We borrowed a play pen from a friend so that the Hunter Bean wouldn't roll onto the floor.
There was a cute little fire place.

Quaint little Kitchen with all the Necessities.

Dining room.

And the WICKED COMFY Sofa bed that Dave wanted to light on fire by Sunday am!

My Boy!


Ok! This is the Red Neck farmers version of Monopoly!
Don't ask me!

Mr. Sam and D played this on Friday night and had a blast!

He he he!
This was my comfy corner for the weekend!
It was perfect for knitting.
Ohh I made Dave a Necklace at the Wine and Cheese party earlier in the evening!
Looks good with his goatee don't you think! ?

This is King Nicolas! He Adores Hunter Bean!

Nicolas' Sister and Bean Playing!

All the families got together on Saturday morning for breakfast and the little kids all gathered around playing with toys and play dough and all sorts of fun stuff! Hunter was right in the middle of things!

I absolutely love this picture!
I think it's my new favorite!
Dad looks so handsome and Beans eyes are just peeking out!

Sledding afternoon! All the kids got together for some snow ball fighting and sledding!
It was amazing weather! So sunny and warm and the snow was perfect for snow balls! Hunter Boy on our Tube!

We went for a walk down to the lake and opted to tow the Bean instead of carry him.

Here is some of the scenery on our walk to the lake.

The path we took!
The Sleeping Bean on our walk.

And then! The LAKE!!! These are the stunning shots I took when we got to the lake!
My mouth just hung open! I was in pure AWE!

And the Bean Missed it all!

Back at the cabin before our Pot luck dinner!

Awwww Dey loves each ovver!

Then Saturday night the Hunter Bean woke up after 1 hour of sleep.
He was crying and screaming and we couldn't calm him down for nearly an hour.
We had to give him some motrin and a bath and let him relax till he would calm enough to fall back to sleep. He fell asleep on daddy's chest with his thumb in his mouth.

Then daddy fell asleep!

It snowed that night!Check SpellingNearly 8 inches in the mountains!
But this was the view through our windshield on our drive home.
The roads were absolutely terrible!
When we got home Dave and I needed to shovel our sidewalk before we could even think about unloading the kids and the truck!

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