Monday, March 2, 2009

Hobbies FTW!

I love henna but I am still working on getting the mixture just right to have the ideal stain.

My mixing pot and Applicator!

Chopsticks and a baby food jar!

Here is the first stain attempt... It's not the greatest work as the mix was really runny.

But the color is dark which is nice. I wrapped my foot in saran wrap and nursing tape overnight.

I honestly am usually WAY better at the artistic aspect but I wanted to just see how it would work before I did my hands.

Here are a few pics of the scarves I am currently working on.

This is Baby Asha's Scarf.

I am not sure why but this pic keeps loading side ways.

And Here is the start of Dave's scarf.

Today I made some Beany Food, it's just rice, mixed veggies chopped up, turkey soup that Nana made when she was here and whipped in the blender for him, and chopped Turkey breast.

Made a huge pot or about 6 large plastic containers full, and cost like 4 $.

The other day I took Bean's Exersaucer apart and put it back together as a stand up play toy for him. I think the exersaucer was boring him. Now he can stand around and play with his toys.

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