Monday, March 30, 2009

Child Abandoned Outside Casino While Father Gambled

I HATE PEOPLE! I'm Sorry if my language offends you in this post.

I heard about this story and my stomach completely dropped. I thought I was going to throw up. Then when I went and read the actual story I cried, and cried, and cried! I can not believe that someone could do this. All I could think about was poor baby Beany, Freezing cold, Starving, Terrified and Alone in a car for 6 hours. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My blood just boils! I either want to cry and call the police and tell them I will foster this baby boy, or I want to find this man and beat the living shit out of him. I can't believe that people do this to children, and apparently this is common.

"Between November 2002 and September 2004, there were 23 cases of children abandoned at casinos, the documents showed." WTF!

Casinos should be outlawed, or at least their parking lots should be patrolled hourly for this exact situation. How much more work would it be for the Casino security to take a tour of the parking lot once an hour and look in cars for children? GAWD! I'm tempted to call the Casino and ask them why they don't do this already?!! What a disgusting man! And this is just ONE incident of Child neglect that made the News. I can't even imagine what terrible and tragic things children go through every day. I wish that David and I had the wherewithal to adopt and foster children, to give them a loving, warm, caring home, with full bellies and safe beds to sleep in every night. Why must such atrocities still continue? I just don't understand. I couldn't even leave my baby in a car while I ran into the store for milk. How this man could have spent 6 hours in that Casino, not absolutely sick to his stomach in fear for his son, I will never understand. And this poor boy cried and cried in that cold car, throwing up on himself because he was so worked up, so scared, so cold!

All I can say is FUCK YOU! How Dare you?! You don't deserve to have children! They are a gift, a blessing. There are people praying for children in their lives, and you filthy scum, you squander your blessings, prefering to spend your time in a casino, neglecting your child, RISKING AND ENDANGERING HIS LIFE! STARVING HIM, LEAVING HIM TO FREEZE!!! ALONE AND TERRIFIED!! FUCK YOU!! How dare you? You don't deserve your own human rights. I'm glad you were caught you loser fuck. Now, you will lose your child. Now, he will finally have a chance to have a good life. One can hope at least.

I hate some people. Someone say something to remind me that the world isn't all that bad. That there are still people out there that do amazing things.


Little Miss E said...

It's an addiction. People will give up their family, money, job, and even their kids to feed their addiction of gambling. And it's the kids that pay the price. What an asshat. People are stupid, I agree!

Ssejors said...

I love the word Asshat!