Monday, March 30, 2009

Opening My Ears!

It's been far too long since I have bothered to find new music, but in keeping with my Canadian Obsession, I was watching the Juno's last night and fell in love with two live performances. At one point, I'm watching this singer, and I'm saying to Dave, "That's Gordon Downey!" and D is saying, "Good old Gord." (like he has a clue) and I keep saying over and over, "Gordon Downey? Is he in a new band? That's not The Hip!" So I googled the Juno's and found out that in fact it WAS Gordon Downey from The Hip. He was singing with City and Color. The name of the song is Sleeping Sickness. I remember the song Save your Scissors, by City and Color a few years ago, and I fell in love with Alexisonfire when they first came out. I had no idea that City and Color is actually Dallas Green from Alexisonfire. So I think I am going to start listening to City and Color and see if how I feel about them (him?). I'm just floored that Dallas is the same guy from Alexisonfire. The man is a wicked singer and Alexisonfire is a loud, raucous punk bank from St. Catherine's, Ontario. Total polar opposite to the kind of music that City and Color is. In the last hour I have been listening to City and Color and am totally loving it.

Another song that I really like is I will follow you into the dark by Death Cab For Cutie. I kept looking for this song for weeks but I had forgotten the name of the song and the band. Then today, I was shopping with The Bean and Sam and it was playing on the radio in a store at Eau Clair Market!!! Hallelujah! Finally, it all came back to me!

A few months ago I got myself a few Feist albums. She is lots of fun. Moody and dramatic, passionate and girly. I'm totally in love with her lately too!

So I'm happy to have new things in my life. Music and knitting. And you know what the best part of knitting is... You can listen to music while you do it. :D

New Music, Podcasts and Knitting. I really wish I didn't have to work!

Oh I almost forgot to mention the second performance that I enjoyed.

Serena Ryder. The song was called Little Bit of Red. <-- -Live Version and it Still Kicks Ass! She has a wicked, gnarly, growly sound to her voice and such Oomph when she sings. Angry, Powerful, chaotic, Fun. Man I love Women! The fun part of this post is that I swear the only person who reads my blog is Sami and Hopefully I will influence her a bit in the music department. :P I can't imagine my mother or G & G following these links to listen to music. DO IT GRAMMA DO IT!

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DeeBomb said...

See I like Alexisonfire, But I could never get into city and colour. I mean I like it and all but its depressing at least to me :)
You hear Dallas ALOT more on their second CD...I think its their second?