Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunny Saturday!

He might have been a little overly Bundled

I had a really bad cold this weekend with some nasty chest congestion and and really sore throat. I called in sick and we bundled the family up and went for a drive. We stopped at a really cute little picnic area and had a bite to eat. I snapped some pics while Mr. Sam ran about checking things out as 11 years old are want to do. He found a deer carcass. It was still relatively in tact. Minus the legs of course. When we left Sam didn't want to leave and asked where we were going now. I told him we were going somewhere else just as cool. He said, "Does it have a dead deer?" I said no, it didn't "Well then it wont be as cool then!" I guess dead deer are the newest thing.

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