Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sleep Study Here We Come!

Saturday night is Hunter Bean's overnight sleep study at the Alberta Children's Hospital. I'm a little mixed up about it right now because getting the little man to cooperate and wear the CPAP mask has been a trial in patience. Throw glasses into the mix and the day can be down right frustrating. Bean still doesn't want to wear the mask and I'm lucky if he will tollerate it long enough to fall alseep while wearing it. He doesn't understand NO yet either so getting him to leave the mask alone and not pull it off is the hardest part. When he was a lot smaller we didn't have that issue as he didn't really know how to pull the mask off and now he most certainly does. The glasses are the worst. They come off so quick and easily and I don't know how to keep him from pulling them off. I sit him on my lap and play with him for a little bit while he wears them, holding his hands and keeping him busy, but the minute I let go of his hands he pulls them off. Today he was being so silly. He knew he couldn't use his hands to pull them down but he still wanted them off so he kept stuffing his face into my chest and trying to pust them down. It was cute. He was really trying!

I am kind of looking forward to see how well he does with all the testing and the results tho. Additionally, and I know this may sound completely nuts but, I like sleeping in the hospital. It's relaxing to me. There are people there to take care of you and they have seen everything so there is no reason to be embarrassed about things. They took really good care of us when I had Hunter and that left a great impression. I am looking forward to just ... Sleeping.

So Thursday we have to be at the Children's for 8 pm to sleep over. Bean will be ok with that. He has had many nights away from home camping and going to Nana's or granny's.

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Chveya said...

Wow Jess, keep up the good work. Just feeding a baby lunch can be such an exercise in frustration, let alone trying to keep aparatus on a wee love. You are on a journey of love. I am in awe of your strength and love.