Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Note to Self

RE: Beans Big Birthday Bash! (If you haven't already noticed, I <3 Alliteration)

Hit the Dollar Store for

* Party Hats
* Noise Makers
* Decorations
* Paper Plates
* 1st Birthday Candle
* Napkins

Hit Super Store for

* Order 2 Cakes
~ Bean's Very Own Tiny Cake
~ One for us to eat!
* Hot Dogs
* Chips
* Snacks
* Drinks

Can't think of anything else right now. Let me know if you think I might have forgotten something or if you have any suggestions.


Chveya said...

Oh my Gosh!! 1 year already? Boy life zips on by. Happy Birthday Hunter Bean!!

Ssejors said...

His birfday is April 2 Sami~ lol See tht ticker on the top right~