Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sleep Study!

Well, Our sleep study was last night at the Alberta Children's Hospital and it was a very eventful evening. I honestly thought I got some sleep but I had to work at 8 am and was so bagged by 12 that I couldn't keep my eyes open and I went home at 12:30. Sleepy Bean also slept most of the day. Daddy took me to work andBean slept till roughly 10 then went back to bed at 12:00 noon and didnt wake up till 4:15 or so. That's a definate sign that my child was tired.

Sleepy Bean was so good that the Sleep Technician said he was the best behaved child she had ever worked with in her 8 years. Even better than most of the older kids. She hooked him up to tens of wires and monitors and gadgets and glues and taped and plastered devices to him all over the place. His big toe had a large red light bandaided to it and he fell asleep trying to play with his bright red toe.

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