Saturday, March 28, 2009

Insult to Injury!

So, I have been sick for roughly 15 days now. Slightly reminiscent of my mothers last post! I had a cold that started one week before the William Watson Weekend. I had hoped to be rid of it by the Friday that we left but it was still lingering in my system. Now, I'm still struggling with chest pain, a constant tickle in my throat and a scratchy pain in my esophagus from constantly coughing. It's starting to irritate me to be quite honest! By the end of most days I have a headache from straining and coughing and no amount of halls or Ricolas seem to help. The frigging tickle wont go away!

And if that's not enough, my poor little Baby Bean, who I am so Absolutely and Deeply In Love With, has an ear infection and the same fricken cough/cold that I have. He woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday when we were at William Watson and was just crying and screaming inconsolably. I suspect know that it was ear pain that has caused him the distress. His eyes were all gooey then too. But Monday morning was the worst! He woke up in his crib and I went to go get him and broke into tears. His eyes were so gooey and grungy that it took me nearly 5 minutes to clean them so that he could even open them. He couldn't see me when I came into his room. He could hear me though and I was so scared for my little boy!

So Monday my plate was full. I had a cleaning lady coming in at 8 to start a full house spring cleaning, a sick and miserable baby boy, and my own terrible cold to deal with, and it's not exactly a cake walk when your cleaning lady comes to do a full spring clean. You do just as much work as she does, actually, probably more! And cleaning and 1 year olds don't mix all that well. He was trying to help with the blinds tho. :D Watching him standing at the window, grabbing at the blinds and looking up at Minnie with a huge grin on his face.

Tuesday Minnie (our house keeper) came over for a second day of house cleaning, and Wednesday we finally finished everything up by near 1 pm. My kitchen, living room and dining room were completely spit shined, polished, degreased, and sterilized! LOVE IT! Now the only part of the house that needs to be tackled is the basement. Wish me luck.

Ohh.. and What fun! In all the chaos of spring cleaning, the washing machine Sh*T the bed. The timer knobby thing stopped working. It's kinda funny because I haven't even had a chance to wash the laundry from the William Watson Weekend yet. The Washer crapped out on Monday. I haven't gotten a chance to wash anything since before we left. So the basement isn't pretty. LOL Mountain of laundry that is just getting bigger. D is getting the part for the timer knob thingy today (at 115$) and will be fixing the machine today, hopefully. He's a good man! Then we have to catch up on all the wash. I need to clean the cat litter, the laundry room, the den, and the spare room! !! !! !! ! OH EM GEE!! Again, wish me luck!

We got Bean off to the Doctors on Monday where they gave us some eye drops and antibiotics for his ear infection. They seem to be working as his eyes are no longer all sticky. He still has a bit of a cough which makes me very nervous but as always my boy is in great spirits. He's always smiling and it just brightens my day! Last night he stayed up till 10 pm which is a super late night for my lil guy. He was laughing and giggling! Dad was tossing him around on the bed and roughhousing like boys should! It's just hysterical to hear him laugh. I'm happy he is feeling much better.

AHHHH!!! Washing machine update!!!!

I just called D to see how the washing machine was coming. (As an aside, is it just my man or is it every man? Does your Man get cranky and grouchy if he tries to fix something and is unsuccessful? Seems that he can be a very unhappy man when something doesn't work for him.) Anyway, apparently it was not the 115$ timer knob that was the problem and APPARENTLY you can not return parts purchases. Soooo, washing machine is still not working, hubbyman is cranky, and laundry isn't any closer to being done. Wish Dave luck this time! I don't want to go to the laundry mat. It has been nearly 4 years since I have been to the laundry mat and I don't wanna do it!! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!!

I'm lucky to have a handy man. He is great with tools and is usually very logical and smart about things. I'm never worried that he will make things worse and I can trust him to make the right decisions about things as far as appliances and such. I just stay out of his way. Somethings, however, take a little coaxing. "Honey, can you hang this up for me when you get a chance?" - Me in Feb He finally got the hanging up on Friday :D:D:D YAY!!!

OK! More complaining. I have a new desk / cubical at work and I think it is right below a vent and I'm cold all the time now and I don't like it one bit! On the bright side, I have a huge window and a beautiful Vine plant hanging above my desk.

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