Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tonsilectomy FTL!!

Well, My sweet angel Bean had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday this past week. It was a very difficult event for EVERYONE. I really didn't know what to expect and Poor Hunty had no idea WHAT was coming.

Here he is a 6 am. All Snuggled in cozy in his stroller as we check in at admitting at the
Alberta Children's Hospital.

Definitely looking a little tired as we woke him up at 5:30 to get on the road.

These few pics make me so sad.
Here, we had just arrived at the Day Surgery ward.
We were the first people there and Hunty got changed into his snazzy cute little Hospital garb. I just loved the teeny tiny smock.

Gotta check out the bed and all the cool stuff going on behind the scenes.

After we got him into his cute little scrubs, Hunt had some blood work taken and was prepped for his surgery. The blood work was sad because he was crying so hard and we had to hold him down. Then he got a little ankle bracelet in case he tried to run away, that way people would know where to return him.
At first the bed he was on was just a regular bed so they had a proper Baby Crib rolled in for him. Then he was rolled off down to the OR room where I waited to meet his Doctor. He didn't want to sit still in his crib so I held him until the Anesthesiologist came. She carried him off to the operation room and I went to find a coffee, wishing I could lace it with half a micky of Baily's Irish Cream to easy my nerves.
I grabbed a coffee, rolled my stroller (aka Luggage carrier) into the Day Surgery Waiting Room and proceeded to knit for what seemed like a year!

I sat down at 8:23 am.

Doctor Lange came out at 8:38 am.
She told me that Hunter's surgery went "swimmingly" and that he was doing just fine. His tonsils were of medium average size and he was just in Post - OP waiting to clear his head of the anesthesia. I was told I would have to wait till they buzzed me before I could go meet him in the Day Surgery recovery area. They give you these new fangled pagers now that they vibrate when they are ready for you, rather than paging you over the PA systems. It's really nice and more private.

So I waited. And I waited. And Waited, and Waited!
And at 8:50 I was paged!
I jumped out of my seat, shoved my knitting into the stroller, grabbed my pager, rushed BACK for my coffee and boogied off to the Day Surgery ward where I would find my boy.

I was told Hunty was in Room 24. As I started toward room 24 a nurse started walking with me. She said he was awake and that he was a little upset and had been clinging to the nurse who was watching him wake up from the surgery. He wouldn't let go of her and he was crying pretty hard. As we got closer I could hear my poor lil guy sobbing and gasping. There he was in his recovery room, sitting on the edge of his bed, hanging on to this poor nurse for dear life. The instant he saw me he reached for me. I grabbed up my boy and held him close. I felt so bad for the poor lil guy, having to wake up in pain, all groggy and in a strange place with nothing but strangers everywhere. Oh so sad.
I rocked him and comforted him for a while, waiting for him to calm down.
He wouldn't settle.
We tried to give him some water, apple juice, ice, and even a Popsicle.
He wouldn't take anything.
The more we offered him the more upset he would get.

The nurse brought him some codeine and we had to pretty much hold him down and plug his nose to get him to swallow it.
He spit out most of the Tylenol that he was given prior to the surgery so he was in some pretty extreme pain. Since we had woken him up at 5:30 am to get him to the hospital by 6:25 am, he was pretty exhausted by 9:00 am, but every time he would swallow he was in agony and he would start gasping and crying again. You could just see the pain in his eyes and he just wanted to pass out for a while and not think about all the chaos. I sat with him on my lap for nearly 2 hours, holding him and cuddling him, hoping that the codeine would help, but it seemed to only make him groggy and dopey but really wasn't doing much for the pain. At 11 we forced a dose of Tylenol into Hunty and I called Daddy who works within minutes of the children's hospital. I told him I needed some help and that Baby Bean needed his Daddy. Within 15 - 20 minutes Daddy arrive, dressed in his coveralls, still in his sweaty work boots. Bean took one look at his daddy, stopped crying, reached for him and lay down his head on Daddy's shoulder and went to sleep for nearly two hours. I can't tell you the relief that swept over me. That was the first time that morning that I broke down crying. Just seeing Daddy there, I knew everything was gonna be OK.
He is such a great Daddy.
David was supposed to go back to work at 12:30 but he couldn't bear to leave Baby Bean.
We took turns holding him, going for bathroom breaks and cafeteria runs.
For a while the two of them slept together in the Lazy boy recliner next to Hunter's crib.
I sat watching them, knitting.
I'm finding that knitting makes for a fabulous Worry Doll.

After a few hours, David managed to get Hunter to sleep a while in his crib.
He went home at 3 or so, needing to shower and check on Samuel who was home alone.
I am so happy that Sam is mature and trustworthy. It gives us one less thing to worry about when he is home alone. He makes his own lunches and keeps busy and would never let anyone in the house. I'm happy with how he is maturing lately.

After a good long nap, my little man woke up feeling quite a bit better.
The concern the nurses were having earlier in the day was that if he wasn't drinking or taking any fluids in his mouth, then his throat would be very dry and it would make things worse. As I said, every time we tried to get him to drink something he would get upset and start crying, even after the Tylenol had kicked in. He would sleep for half and hour on Daddy's lap or my lap and the nurses would ask us to wake him up and see if he would drink something. This only caused my poor boy trauma as he would just get so worked up. Finally I said that I didn't want to wake him up anymore. He was too tired and he needed to get a decent sleep, otherwise we were just tormenting him and making it worse. The less sleep my boy got the more miserable he was going to be. Thankfully, the respected this and allowed him to sleep for a few hours.
Daddy returned to the hospital around 6 or so and by then my lovely, sweet handsome son was ready to wake up.
We got him out of his crib and changed his diapy and smock so he could feel a little better.
He sat on Daddy's lap and I tried to give him some juice. He REALLY wanted to drink. He would reach for the bottle with enthusiasm but get dismayed when it hurt to suck.
I went to the fridge in the hall and scoured for something I thought might make him feel better.


He ate an entire Dixie cup of Orange Sorbet!
Then a popsicle, a chocolate pudding, then another half of a strawberry sorbet!

Here is a blurry picture of my boy sitting in his crib, covered in chocolate pudding, eye's crossed from all the codeine, toe all aglow from the oxygen/heart rate monitor.

That night he did quite a bit better, though getting him to take his medicine was still a trauma. We still had to hold him down and plug his nose to get him to swallow it, but I'm told the codeine tastes awful.
He would sleep for short bouts of roughly 2 hours MAX.
I slept next to his crib in the recliner.
My sleep was awful. There were machines constantly ringing, babies coughing and crying, lights going off and on, more machines beeping. Not only was it noisy but for the most part Hunter slept on my lap, or lay with my in the recliner. Being 8 1.2 months pregnant with a 25 lbs 18 month old boy squirming on your belly for hours.... It was a rough night to say the least.
I was up at midnight, 1:30 - 3:00 or so then again at 5:50.

When I awoke at ten to six, I woke up because the on shift nurse was in our little room (it wasn't a room at all, but a 3rd of a room) giving Hunter his codeine and Tylenol. She was also changing his diaper and checking his Stats.
I asked if she needed help to give him his meds and she said no he already took them.
He was taking his meds without having a trauma.
The other fabulous thing about that morning was waking up to see a Tim Horton's coffee, breakfast sandwich and a bag of Timbits waiting for me on the side table!

Oh Daddy! How we love and thank you!

He still wouldn't drink anything significant tho.
I was hoping he would at least be interested in some juice but he really wasn't.
It wasn't an hour later that he was back to sleep.
We both slept till about 9!

Later that morning the nurse on shift (we had seen 5 different nurses by this time) mentioned that if he wasn't eating or drinking by the afternoon then he wouldn't be able to go home. If he was willing to swallow, eat or drink, it would show that he was doing well enough to be discharged. Well you don't have to tell Hunter twice!

I think he was feeling quite a bit better by that time anyway and he was going to make up for lost time as it was.

He ate a Dixie cup of ice cream to start.
I wanted to see how well he could manage soft and cold.
Then he polished a whole mini box of rice crispies, well soaked of course.
Then I thought I would see if he was interested in any of the sausage they brought him for breakfast. He polished off a whole one.
He then had an apple juice, half a piece of toast with peanut butter and jam and last but not least, a Timbit!

My boy chowing down!

We went home early that afternoon, miserable, tired, happy to be home, both desperately in need of a bath. We slept that afternoon away, patiently waiting Daddy's return.

Since then, Hunt has had a few mornings where he has been a bit more sore.
And Oh The bad breath he has. Blech!
He has also been quite a bit more clingy and sucky.
He has become the world's biggest Daddy's boy as well.
He just can't get enough Daddy.

And lastly, We are all coming down with a cold.
Hunt has had quite the runny nose and Dave and I are both getting sore throats.

If it's not one thing, it's another.

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Chelsea said...

Awww poor baby! I didn't know this was all going down :O I had my tonsils removed when I was 3 or 4 and from what my parents told me I work up ANGRY. Like pissed, because they said it wasnt going to hurt and it did lol. At least Hunter can't shout hate at you yet :D