Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2 of 31 for 21

Get It Down; 31 for 21

It's only day two of the 31. If I should forget to post one day, I ask that someone please comment on my blog so that I get an email telling me to get my act together.

Today is Oct 2nd, which means I have 3 more working days till I am on Maternity leave and 47 more days till the baby comes.

I am getting kind of worked up about the baby lately. I wish my momma had some time off at the beginning of November to come and help me get the house ready. I am having a harder time with the last trimester of this pregnancy than I was when I was knocked up with Hunter. He was quite small for dates (4lbs, 14 oz at birth, 36 weeks 3 days) and I really am beginning to think he didn't move very much. At the time we called him Kickypants Ross because he was so active, but I didn't have anything to compare his movements to. With this child, there are days when I am honestly sore from all the kicking and rolling and moving and the pressure is intense.

As for getting the house ready, I am a little overwhelmed because I am so pregnant and uncomfortable and irritated, tired and sore, and just all around cranky. I wish I had more energy to take care of everything that I feel is PRESSING. I think the best way to get the house ready for the new baby will be to make a decent list of all the things that I would like to get done and just start working away at the list.

We cut Sam's old loft bed down into a toddler bed for Bean the other night and got him a Mattress. I had NO idea that a single twin mattress was so expensive. We spend over 350$ on it, but it is an excellent mattress and considering how little and light he is, I'm sure that he will be able to use it for probably more than 15 years. I will have some pics of the old loft bed and the new toddler bed posted here asap so you can see what we have done.

That said, we have to do a little furniture rearranging to get the new baby's room in order. There are some things I would like to do in the room to make it a little more inviting as well. Just a few decorating ideas I have. After that, I think I will feel more comfortable and less stressed about the baby coming.

Tomorrow, My Girlfriend C, Dave, Beany and I are going to the Cardel Place Kids Garage sale. I'm hoping to find a few things for the new baby and some sleepers for Hunter. He has pretty much out grown all his pj's and when he wakes up in the morning he usually has a few snaps open and one if not both legs hanging out. He apparently IS getting taller. I also want to find him some big boy toys for learning. Something more suitable for toddlers so that we can put his old baby toys in the new babies room and he can have some new and fun things to play with. Rattles are sooo last year.

I must say that having another baby is exciting and terrifying at the same time. I really wanted Hunter to have a little baby brother or sister to grow up with so that he wasn't an only child. The age difference between he and Sam is so large that he is considered an only child and I didn't want him to grow up alone and bored. Nothing more entertaining than beating on your younger siblings! We weren't expecting, planning or trying for the new baby, but I am glad that it happened. This way we get all the baby nonsense over with ASAP and Hunter will be very close in age to Phoenix. But I have days where I wonder if my head is gonna pop off with the intensity and fear of it all. Two Babies Still in diapers. Double Strollers. Dueling Playpens. Double stuffed Diaper bags. Two different nap schedules. Three if you include Dad! Toddler food and baby food! Crawling and WALKING! I only have TWO hands! They will out number me. And then there will come a day when Phoenix and Hunter are working in cahoots against me! "Quick, Mom just went into the bathroom! Lift me up so I can get to the cookie jar!"

Is it just me or does anyone else ever go... "Holy shit! I'm not responsible enough for all of this!"

/sigh... I can do it.. I just need some help... Mom? Momma!!?? Mommy!! !!?!?

GRAMMA!! ??!

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Pam said...

Don't worry about the house - all will be fine. One day at a time. Once you are off work you will have lots of time to just putter around doing a bit of this and that. The house is no big deal.

Love you!