Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 7 of 31 for 21!

Today was my 33 week OBGYN appointment. It was fun actually. So far I really like both of the Doctors there. Both are woman and today I saw Dr. Grant, who was a large woman about my age. She was very comical and relaxed which was very attractive, especially when you have to talk to her about your uterus which is conveniently up in your throat. We were talking about the Duggars and Mrs. Duggar who is on her 19th pregnancy. I can't for the life of me conceive of having ANOTHER pregnancy let alone another 17!!! I carry babies well, and I think my body is good with being pregnant, but I AM NOT. I don't like having my body taken over or being so handicapped. I can hardly put on my own socks and shoes. It takes me nearly 3 minutes just to get out of the tub. Walking up a flight of stairs is exhausting and after all the running around I do and the misery I am in at the end of the day, I can't even have a glass of wine to make everything all better! GAW!!!

Anyway, at least I enjoyed my appointment. The Doc was saying that Mrs. Duggar was insane to keep having so many children because she is pretty much risking her own life at this point. One day her poor uterus is just NOT going to contract back to it's original state, not that it's even remotely CLOSE to being in it's original state now. I guess with her last baby, during labor the baby flipped in her uterus horizontally! "Now that's a baggy uterus!" Says Doc Grant! LOL

I'm done with the two. I'm happy with the two. If we want more kids, we can adopt.

So..... Rather than a glass of wine to relax my poor pregnant body, today I got my hair cut and bought 3 live dungeoness crab!

LOL!! We kinda played with the nasty one for a bit.. He seemed to be all riled up and have lots of energy and Sam was quite interested in him. He had a million questions about crabs, which I intend to call Jim and ask! Like.. Why do they turn red when you cook them, and do they have hearts, and why do they blow bubbles, and how long do they live, and how big do they get, and ........ ... . .. .. . He is 12. You can see how this went!
Needless to say, The crabs were YUM!

And Here is my hair! After a month of letting it grow out I finally broke down and got it cut. The Lady who cut it asked me, "Why so messy?" in the cutest little Vietnamese accent EVER! I told her my husband cut my dreads out with kitchen scissors, but I don't think she knew what I meant by dreads, but she sure knew the meaning of kitchen scissors!

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Mary said...

Super cute hair!!! I wish I could have something so stylish....I'm so boring. I love the red!