Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 9 of 31 for 21!

So... On Thursday My GF Christine and I went to the toddler gym with the kids. We Met up with another friend of ours there as well. It's just some gym time for the little guys at the Cardel Place Rec centre. They set up a bouncy Obstacle course, a little rebounder for the kids to jump on, basketball, loads of balls, a slide and all kinds of stuff for the kids to do. It's nice to get them out of the house and playing with some new kids. Socializing, I suppose one would call it.

I put Hunter in the Bouncy Castle and then realized, after he got all the way to the back and couldn't get back out, that I EXCEED the weight limit and also am 8 months pregnant, which was breaking another bouncy castle rule. So I had to get my friend Alisha to crawl in after Hunter. All the way to the end. Over and under and around! Rescued! Phew! I laughed the whole time. So did Hunt.

Later, after the Chil'ens was all tuckered out, Christine and I walked over to the Superstore to look at snow suits for Hunt. He still FITS into the one from last year, but he can't exactly WALK in it as it is meant for babies that don't yet walk. The feet are all zippered up. He basically just does the Maggie Simpson star fish in it when ever I put it on him.

We found a really nice winter jacket/snow pant combo for him there that was only 39$. The snow pants have removable booty covers and the jacket has a removable hood and removable mitts. It's is really nice and warm and I am very happy with it.

We also found something else. I was hesitant to share this, seeing as it's not TIME yet, and I will be spoiling the surprise but !!!! I can't help it. He is so Gawsh Darned Cute (as Nana would say).

So Here it is!

When Christine found it, I was so excited I nearly peed! Then we got to looking at the costume and realized that the head piece was missing. So we ransacked the hangers and shelves looking for either another turtle costumer WITH a hat or the missing hat that perchance had fallen off. We looked EVERYWHERE. It was no where to be found. I was ready to Weep! Then I saw a pile of boxes. Boxes that looked like a mishmash of costume parts. Random masks and head pieces, gloves and wigs. I ripped through those boxes so fast. And LOW AND BEHOLD!!!! THE TURTLE HEAD!!!! He he he. Then we found a fitting little Pj Jumper that was the right colour to go underneath and TADA! Best costume ever!

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