Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 3 of 31 for 21!

Today is day 3!

I am completely unmotivated to blog tonight. I am exceptionally pregnant and uncomfortable and I can't wait to get home and pass out. Working until midnight is no fun at all when you are tired and miserable from being pregnant, but alas, I have to slug it out.

Today Evad and I went to the Kids Garage sale at Cardel place. I must say I was slightly disappointed. 75 - 85 % of the clothes that were for sale were girls clothes. Seems like girls have WAY more clothes than boys and what boy clothes there were, were worn fairly thin. I bought a few new Pj's for Hunt and a really cute Formal Christmas outfit for him for the Holiday's this year as we are heading to Vancouver. I thought it would be nice if he had a snazzy out fit for Christmas Dinner with his Grandparents.

I also got a really nice swim float finally. So far I have been through three different floaties for Hunter, all of which were Fail! In one, swimming at Great Gramma's pool, Hunt leaned forward and tipped right over. Head first into the drink. Another one I bought was so cheap it wouldn't stay inflated properly and the very first one was so small he out grew it in a matter of months. This new one that I bought is one identical to the ones they have at the swimming pools. It's a really nice float and has a canopy for the sun. Here it is.
So far this is the nicest, most stable kids float we have ever used. I bought it for 4$

That is about the extent of my garage sale purchases today, which is pretty sad because I am a total garage sale junky.

After that, Evad and I went to the mall and had some lunch, wandered around and got a new phone for my self. It's a Samsung Ace. I got the phone for few and there is no contract. It's a basic 30 agreement that you can renew or not. I pay 44$ a month for unlimited calls and texting to my 5 faves, 150 local minutes, Unlimited incoming texts, 250 outgoing texts to other numbers, and call display! No contract, No obligation, NO GOD DAMN CONTRACT! .. Ahem.. sorry. Sadly, I am a little bitter about cellphone companies and being chronically over billed. We just canceled our contracts with Telus on our 2 cellphones and it cost us 679$ to get OUT of the contract. This was the CHEAPEST and EASIEST way of dealing with the outrageous phone bills. Months on end we would change our plans and minimize our options till we were down to the bare bones plans and STILL we were paying over 150$ a month on cell phone bills. On top of that, our phones were connecting to the internet at the weirdest times. I had received bills for Facebook Internet activity at 2 am on a weeknight when both Dave and I would be in bed. Randomly being charged 10 cents here and 29 cents here for internet activity that we weren't using. In fact, Dave was quite amazed that a cell phone could actually access Facebook. On top of all that, we weren't getting some monthly bills in the mail and then poof, we would get a disconnection notice. One month we were actually disconnected for no real reason, except I think they wanted another 70$ out of us for reactivation charges. Anyway, that's all sorted out and I'm happy to say I really like my new phone and the cheap plan that I DON'T have to renew if I don't want to. :D

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